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Law Training Contracts: What are the Alternatives?

by sophia032 August 2, 2013 Legal Aid

Legal professions and careers are not easy to come by these days. In some instances, it’s not just about the number of jobs posted in the market. The skills and experience required may not match the applicant’s profile, leading to scarcity of options available. For law graduates, this could be disheartening. Fortunately, the evolution of […]

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How a Young Single Mom Made it as a Paralegal

by Laura Heinz March 21, 2013 Company Law

I stumbled into the legal field by chance; however chance has provided me with a great career as a paralegal. I hope my experience may help other single parents who are thinking about ways to pursue a rewarding career in the legal field – it can be done. I became a mother when I was […]

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Pursuing A Career In Criminal Justice

by gclatworthy January 14, 2013 Legal Jobs

Pursuing a career in criminal justice is a rewarding pursuit. The types of positions that are available to someone with a master’s degree in criminal justice today are an excellent career choice. There are a few of those that offer a rewarding life with an excellent pay scale for growth in the future. They are […]

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Law Graduates – How to Get Your First Job as a Lawyer by Being a Paralegal

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ November 22, 2012 Legal Jobs

The legal profession is not immune to the effects of the economic down turn, and times are just as hard for law graduates seeking employment as new hopefuls in any other sector. Working as a paralegal is an option that many consider in the hope that this will lead to a full time job as […]

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Tips for obtaining a training contract

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ November 10, 2012 Legal Jobs

This post was contributed by Peter Overmeer, a Partnership Administrator at Jolliffe & Co. Solicitors in Chester. As partnership administrator, Peter deals with all administrative sides of the business, including hiring trainees. SECURING A TRAINING CONTRACT It is a tough old world out there and with law firms cutting back and the increasing competition driving […]

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Raising the Bar: Is Law School the New Thing?

by RyanD October 3, 2012 General Law

Law school is the new rage among post-graduates who are looking for a career. After all, these students view the legal field as a golden ticket. They buy into stereotypes about lawyers and the money those lawyers make. Is law school a good bet? Is it the good investment that students think it is? In […]

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Sports Arbitration – A Specialized Playing Field

by RyanD September 21, 2012 Law

Sports arbitration is the process by which the player and the team meet with a neutral third party to decide on salary. Arbitration is generally a last-ditch effort to come to an agreement after usually months of disparate offers between the two parties. How It Works Once the parties have engaged the process, each side […]

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Aging with Grace: The Importance of Continuing Education for Seasoned Lawyers

by RyanD August 18, 2012 Guest legal blogging

Like other professions, the legal profession continues to evolve. Changes in the practice of law come not only from the substantive law but from revisions in procedural rules, technological advances and the changing nature of societal demands on the legal profession. Changes in the substantive law, society and technology continue to raise new issues for […]

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Good Friends Don’t Let Friends Go to Law School

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ February 25, 2012 Legal Careers

Below is a guest post by Nadia Jones who blogs at online college about education, college, student, teacher, money saving, movie related topics. You can reach her at nadia.jones5 @ Good Friends Don’t Let Friends Go to Law School If you are currently a lawyer, you probably know that the law school and legal […]

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Legal Jobs: The Skills Required to Land Your Dream Position

by bcllegal February 22, 2012 Legal Careers

Choosing to work within the legal field can be one of the most demanding and strenuous career choices out there, however it can also be one of the most rewarding options for those people capable of achieving in such a high profile position. The legal system has become one of the most integral parts of […]

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