Best Employment Lawyers Sydney, NSW

The following are some of the best Employment Solicitors in Sydney, NSW who can help advise on your employment law issue.

Whether you are an employee or employer these top employment lawyers could help you with your work place legal issues.

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Danny King Legal Employment Law Firm in Sydney

Danny King Legal Employment Law Firm in Sydney

“Danny King Legal is a boutique employment law firm based in Sydney’s CBD. We are a team of employment and industrial relations lawyers, representing employers, employees, HR professionals, and other lawyers. We value people above fees, and we respect all parties in the employment relationship. We understand how stressful employment law matters are to all involved.”

Fantastic Lawyer: Danny King

Danny King Employment Lawyer Sydney

“From early on in her career, Danny realized that she didn’t fit the traditional mold of a lawyer – so she broke and rebuilt it.

This decision led to the creation of Danny King Legal in 2011, established out of the desire and necessity to build a truly differentiated practice, free from the rigidity of conventional norms.”

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Nicole Dunn Lawyers Sydney Employment Lawyers – For Workers & For Business

Nicole Dunn Lawyers SydneyEmployment Lawyers – For Workers & For Business

“Nicole Dunn Lawyers was established in Sydney in mid-2019 and has offices in Sydney and Darwin.  We are different because we work with our clients to assist and guide them through not only the legal aspects of their issues and concerns but also the business and personal consequences that may flow from those matters.”; “We can advise you on your employment or contractor agreements and on your rights and obligations under applicable legislation and industrial instruments.”

Fantastic Lawyer: Nicole Dunn

Nicole Dunn Employment Lawyer Sydney

“Nicole thrives on practicing law; she is a deep thinker and a skilled problem solver.  She considers all aspects of a situation including the potential consequences of a decision.  Her analytical skills are enormously beneficial to her clients; she not only considers the issue at hand but also has regard for the potential consequences of a proposed course of action.  She has, for many years represented clients involved in complex litigation and has assisted clients involved in coronial inquests. She loves all things employment and workplace-related.”

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Hall Payne Lawyer Industrial & Employment Lawyers Sydney

Hall Payne Lawyer Industrial & Employment Lawyers Sydney

“With over 3 decades’ experience in employment law and industrial law, our lawyers are experienced in obtaining fair results for employees.

Home to some of Australia’s top-ranked employment lawyers, Hall Payne is recognized as a leading employment law firm by the prestigious Doyle’s Guide.”

Fantastic Lawyer: Luke Forsyth 

Luke Forsyth Industrial & Employment Lawyer Sydney

“Luke Forsyth is a Principal in Hall Payne’s Sydney office. He practices in the firm’s industrial relations and employment law teams. Since 2014 Luke has been consistently recognized as one of Australia’s leading employment lawyers by his peers in Doyle’s Guide.

Luke started with Hall Payne in 2001, before leaving to work as the Senior Legal Officer at the Queensland Nurses and Midwives Union in 2008. He returned in 2012 and was appointed Principal.”

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