Who were the five most famous lawyers in Texas?

It’s hard to say who the five most famous lawyers in Texas are because their fame can change depending on the time, place, and type of law they practise. But here are five well-known fantastic lawyers in Texas who have made a name for themselves as part of our series on world-famous lawyers:

5. Lyndon B. Johnson: Even though he is best known as a politician, Lyndon B. Johnson started out as a lawyer in Texas. He was the 36th President of the United States and did a lot to move civil rights laws forward during his time in office. Johnson is one of the most famous people in Texas and American history because of his work as a lawyer and then in politics.

4. Barbara Jordan was a well-known American lawyer, teacher, and leader from the state of Texas. She was a member of the U.S. Congress and made important advances to civil rights and social justice while she was there. Jordan is well-known and respected for her ability to speak well, her knowledge of the law, and her fight for equality.

3. Morris Dees is an American lawyer who helped start the Southern Poverty Law Centre (SPLC). The SPLC is an organisation that works to protect civil rights and fight hate groups. Dees is well-known in Texas and beyond for his work as a lawyer and his efforts to fight against race and social injustice.

2. John Tower was a politician and lawyer from the United States. He was a U.S. Senator from Texas. Tower is a well-known figure in Texas politics because of his work as a lawyer and then in politics, including his time as head of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

1. Sam Houston was an important figure in the history of Texas. He was an American lawyer and politician who was a key figure in the state’s history. He was the first and third President of the Republic of Texas. Later, he was a Senator for the United States. Houston is a famous person in Texas history because of his work as a lawyer, his leadership during the Texas Revolution, and what he did to help Texas become a state.

Even though these five lawyers are well-known in Texas, it’s important to note that there are many other famous and influential lawyers in the state who have made important contributions to their fields and have become well-known because of their achievements and effects on the legal field.

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