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Top Employment Labor Lawyer Chicago

The following are some of the top employment & labor lawyers in Chicago, Illinois who can help advise on settlement agreements (whether you are an employee or an employer), based on reviews, reputation, ratings, and more:-

Siegel & Dolan, Ltd. Illinois Employment Law Attorney

Siegel & Dolan, Ltd.
Employment Law Attorney

{“Siegel and Dolan have a combined 70 years of experience representing executives in negotiations with the largest corporations in America.

Siegel & Dolan successfully negotiated a multi-million-dollar severance pay package for a departing sales executive who claimed he was owed unpaid commission compensation. The sales executive sought commission payment under a sales compensation plan for a large deal he helped close.”}

Fantastic Lawyer: Mark Siegel

Marc Siegel Employment Law Attorney Illinois

“Marc Siegel is an attorney who provides prudent and trusted counsel in all aspects of employment and labor law, concentrating on the negotiation of separation packages, employment agreement reviews, and the drafting and execution of non-compete agreements. He is a tireless advocate and mediator, representing senior executives, physicians, university faculty, and other professionals in cases involving wrongful terminations, contract disputes, and breaches of ethics.”

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Katz, Friedman Illinois Personal Injury Lawyers

Katz, Friedman
Personal Injury Lawyers

“Trusted worker’s compensation and personal injury lawyers fighting for the injured across the state of Illinois since 1954. Highly trained attorneys, great results. No fee unless we collect for you. If you have been injured at work, it is important to you and your family to hire attorneys who are well known for their exceptional knowledge of the law, litigation ability, and negotiation skills. It is also important for you to hire attorneys who travel throughout all parts of Illinois to aggressively and diligently advocate for your rights.”

Fantastic Lawyer: Stanley Eisenstein

Stanley Eisenstein Top Labor Lawyer

“Stanley Eisenstein works closely with our diverse labor union clientele. He strongly believes that counseling, advising and educating our labor clientele is a critical component of the firm’s successful labor practice over many decades. In addition to traditional labor law practice for labor unions, he handles a wide range of individual employment-related disputes from discrimination to benefits. During his career, Stanley has handled literally over five hundred complaints issued by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) for our many labor union clients, which is an unprecedented number for any labor attorney, on either the management or labor side.”

Merrick Law Firm LLC Illinois Employment Lawyer

Merrick Law Firm LLC
Employment Lawyer

“Our firm is exclusively engaged in the practice of employment law representing individuals and groups of individuals.”

Discrimination claims could include the following:-

National Origin/Ethnicity
Sexual Orientation
Family and Medical Leave Act
Other Protected Classifications”

Fantastic Lawyer: Michael J. Merrick

Michael J. Merrick Illinois Employment Lawyer

“Mr. Merrick, who has 30 years of employment law experience, founded Merrick Law Firm LLC in 2005 where he is exclusively engaged in the practice of employment law representing executives, professionals, managers, and other employees. He handles matters involving employment agreements, non-competes, severance packages, and the gamut of discrimination and wrongful discharge claims. Mr. Merrick also engages in employment counseling and defense work for small and medium-sized employers in a more responsive and affordable fashion than large firms.”

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Maduff & Maduff, LLC Illinois Employment and Appellate Lawyer

Maduff & Maduff, LLC
Employment and Appellate Law

“Our employment lawyers have decades of experience in employment and civil rights litigation. Maduff & Maduff has obtained millions of dollars in trial verdicts, judgments, and settlements for our clients. Maduff & Maduff has also successfully defended or reversed judgments in appellate courts as well as the Supreme Court of the United States.”

Fantastic Lawyer: Aaron B. Maduff

Aaron B. Maduff Employment and Appellate Lawyer Illinois

“Prior to entering law school at the University of Iowa, Aaron B. Maduff had a background in rape victim advocacy. This naturally led to a legal career in sexual harassment, employment discrimination, and other civil rights law and employment law. Aaron’s practice is not limited to employment law, however. He is an active appellate attorney handling Constitutional, Criminal, and Military, as well as employment. His employment practice currently includes not only sexual harassment and employment discrimination cases but runs the full panoply of employment and civil rights claims from Overtime and Unpaid Wages to Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) claims; from non-compete and trade secret claims.”

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(One more Fantastic Chicago Labor Lawyer to follow – any recommendations appreciated).

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