Conflict Resolution

All About Groundwater Expert Witnesses

by JRO January 8, 2014 Conflict Resolution

Expert witnesses are often called upon to testify in trials. Sometimes their testimony is a key factor in determining the outcome of litigation. Since cases involving the contamination of groundwater often come to trial, groundwater expert witnesses play an important role in providing information to the court. What an Expert Witness Is An expert witness […]

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What to Do If You Fall Victim To Ridiculous Laws

by MrMilesYoung January 3, 2014 Conflict Resolution

There are several really stupid laws that litter the books. However, no matter how asinine you may think those laws are, they are still laws and you can still fall prey to them in the courts. Here are a few of those ludicrous laws and what to do if you find yourself on the wrong […]

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The fine art of legal letter writing

by pcutler July 30, 2013 Business

I have previously blogged about some inappropriate correspondence between solicitors. I have just come across Ezzo v Grille [2003] NSWSC 776, which, somewhat ironically, is a defamation case. The correspondence and Justice Simpson’s comments in the following extracts from the judgment speak for themselves: [4] Service of the statement of claim sparked a round of correspondence between the solicitors for […]

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What is contentious probate and what does it mean to me?

by EdwardHandsandLewis June 4, 2013 Blawg

Contentious Probate claims are one of the biggest areas of litigation and put simply, are claims challenging the validity of a will when the testator passes away and in some cases, the distribution of the assets in the testator’s estate. The effect of a contested probate claim on beneficiaries and executors cannot be underestimated and […]

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You Can’t Sue Mother Nature, but that Doesn’t Stop Some

by Law Guru April 4, 2013 Accident Claims

From snowstorms, sinkholes, and earthquakes to tornadoes, thunderstorms and hurricanes, natural disasters happen around the globe. Some are unpredictable and strike without warning, but even those that are anticipated, thanks to meteorological technologies, can have incredibly devastating effects, often worse than predicted. It’s understandable and even justified when a person decides to take legal action […]

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Dispute Resolution: Keeping Your General Contractor On Point

by cbennett September 25, 2012 Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Construction projects can take long periods of time and an excess amount of money to complete, but property owners are often willing to risk this in order to get their property to the level that they want. General contractors usually provide these services under contract with the property owner. Unfortunately, these projects do not always […]

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Is It Legally Possible To Just Cover One Occupant With Renters Insurance?

by RyanD September 20, 2012 Conflict Resolution

(A US perspective) Renters insurance is an important and relatively inexpensive aspect of rental life, but there is still a large percentage of renters who do not take advantage of this potentially life-altering program. Things can get tricky when there are two roommates living together and only one of them is willing to pay for […]

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Being Harassed by Neighbors? Here’s how to take Action

by RyanD August 29, 2012 Conflict Resolution

(US law and generally) Harassment is a serious issue, and though we might expect it on the street or even at work, it often blindsides us when we are at home. In some cases, the worse harassment comes from your neighbors, and if your neighbors are engaging in harassment directed towards you, your family and […]

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Business Contract Disputes: Know When to Call a Lawyer

by Karla Somers July 29, 2012 Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Business contracts provide a form of private law by which various parties must abide. These contracts represent an understanding between two parties on the duties and responsibilities that they are to carry out. In a perfect world, business entities would respect contracts and fulfill their obligations. In the real business world, this does not happen. […]

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