Best Employment Lawyers Perth

The following are some of the best Aus Employment Lawyers in Perth who can help advise on your employment law issue (whether you are an employee or employer, based on reviews, reputation, ratings and more:-

Bailiwick Legal Perth Commercial & Employment Lawyer

Bailiwick Legal Perth Commercial &Employment Lawyer

“With exceptional experience in commercial, employment, agribusiness law and Estate planning & Litigation, Bailiwick Legal deliver trust and confidence through capability and strategic thinking. We work with you to achieve the best outcome for you.”

KLD Legal Employment Lawyers Perth

KLD Legal Employment Lawyers Perth

“KLD Legal are experts in Commercial Law, Property Law, Employment Law and litigation. Based in Morley a suburb of Perth, Western Australia we are focused on serving the legals needs of Perth based businesses, KLD Legal are committed to solving your legal problems at a cost that is proportionate to the outcome we achieve.”; “KLD Legal provides advice on all aspects of the employment relationship including whether the basis for terminating an employee’s employment is procedurally and substantively fair at law.”

Tang Law Employment Lawyers Perth

Tang Law Employment Lawyers Perth

“Employment Lawyers Perth is a service of Tang Law. Employment Lawyers Perth helps people resolve all kinds of legal issues related to their employment. Lawyers associated with us have many years of experience dealing in legal cases related to employment issues. They have worked in different states on a wide range of cases.”

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