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YouBlawg (soon becoming ‘Five Fantastic Lawyers’) is a law blog or “blawg” founded by former lawyer Gavin Ward in 2010 and is designed for law firms, lawyers, law students and other legal professionals to contribute their own legal knowledge and opinions on legal news, with the aim of helping consumers and businesses to find valuable legal information and connect them with the best lawyer or law firm for them.

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If you want to write your own legal blog post(s) on this site, please do get in touch and submit your best material. We aim to publish the highest possible quality of legal intelligence and news publications. Because of this, we reserve the right to remove any author or posts at our own reasonable discretion, particularly those where the posts have obviously been written for self-promotional purposes only or where the quality of the content simply isn’t up to scratch. However, if the material is of great quality and not just self-promotional, we’ll be happy to market this for you, again for free, through many social media networks to thousands of legal followers and connections. If you want to take things a step even further and upgrade to some of our premium options to really take your legal blogging to the next level, contact us here.

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