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Genericide in the 21st Century: Overexposure of the Modern Brand

by ASchlossberg February 10, 2015 Blawging

“Every brand has at its core a substance that gives it strength.”[1] In the 21st century, the reality is that companies are being penalized for their success with certain products. Genericide occurs when a brand no longer denotes its origin, but rather is used to refer to a whole category of products. Yo-yo, Escalator, and […]

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The Expert Witness Who Convinced a Jury that Samsung Owed Apple $290 Million

by theexpertinstitute November 28, 2013 Copyright Law

Damages expert witness Julie Davis convinced an eight-member federal jury that Apple, Inc. deserved to be paid $290 million by the company that profited from infringing on the tech giant’s patents. According to Reuters, Apple argued that Samsung Electronics Co. profited from “ [copying] various iPhone features – like using fingers to pinch and zoom […]

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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Wants to Hear from Consumers about their Bad Experiences with Debt Collectors

by Adam J Krohn November 14, 2013 BigLaw

Many people have bad experiences with debt collectors and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) wants to hear about them.  They are preparing to update the rules that govern how debt collectors communicate with borrowers and they are seeking information from both debt collection companies and consumer advocates to help them prepare the new rules.  […]

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Techno Publishing, E-Royalties & Rights

by James Scott September 2, 2013 Copyright Law

Royalties and the legalities of publishing is a subject which most people know little of – that is until they try to venture into a publication of their own. Publication of books and articles has long had the attributes of bringing in some capital as issues are sold. However technology has given book publication a […]

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5 Copyright Traps You Never Knew About

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ June 24, 2013 Copyright Law

credit: MrGluSniffer Copyright law can be a brutal and mercenary field. Intellectual property holders are constantly in a struggle to protect their content from unauthorized sharing or duplication by third parties, and an ever-expanding arsenal has developed to combat the eroding of IP rights. One of the lesser-known weapons in this arsenal is the “copyright […]

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Hard moments will come for illegal downloading adepts in Canada

by Cheebee May 23, 2013 Copyright Law

War against intellectual properties’ infringement and piracy is becoming rougher and rougher for internet users around the world. The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, which was rejected in Europe in 2012 and could have restrained right of all users of the European Union, was one of the most worrying bills for internet freedom’s advocates. A similar version […]

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YouTube Videos: What Fair Use Laws Mean

by Jason April 18, 2013 Copyright Law

(Mainly based on US copyright laws) Although YouTube is an amazing platform for social activity and gaining the approval of the public, it is also subjected to a wide variety of copyright infringement practices. Users are suspended and videos are banned on a regular basis as many people use copyrighted materials to make their videos. […]

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Will copyright’s first sale doctrine deter the American Consumer?

by shotce October 27, 2012 Copyright Law

On October 29, 2012, the US Supreme Court will decide the case Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., that could forever change the way the US consumers buy and sell goods made outside of the US.  In the US, we are free to sell just about anything–whether on eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, the thrift shop, […]

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