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Don’t Drive Into Jail Parking Lot When Drunk

by Zelick Glimelstein February 21, 2014 Accident Claims

When you’ve been out drinking all night, make sure you drive into a jail parking lot on your way home. Why? Well, it seems to be the place to go for at least two Florida residents. Law enforcement loves it when people who have had too much to drink, drive their vehicle to the county […]

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Those Red Lights are Flashing for YOU!

by David Faltz February 6, 2014 Accident Claims

(Road Traffic Law, US/general) Ah, the open road. Is there anything quite like the feeling of freedom you get when you can go anywhere you want? People around the world like to point out how much we Americans love our cars, but we value not so much the cars themselves as the mobility they offer. […]

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Will Google Glass Cause Traffic Accidents & Create Privacy Issues?

by Law Guru December 4, 2013 Constitutional Law

It’s almost weird enough to be science fiction, but we’ve learned by now that technology has made almost anything possible. Google’s new wearable computer, “Glass,” is a little kooky, a little awesome, and a lot controversial. The easy-to-use invention features an adjustable and bendable frame, nose pads for comfort, a customizable fit, a touchpad along […]

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What happens if you are charged under the NSW Summary Offences Act? (Australian Law)

by Bill Vasiliadis September 30, 2013 Criminal Law

The NSW Summary Offences Act (1988), identifies a number of different offences which are considered ‘summary’ offences. These are generally considered to be minor offences, which are dealt with in a specific manner and have certain maximum penalties. If you have been charged with a summary offence, you could still face a lifelong criminal conviction […]

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DUI & Endangerment: Understanding Your Charges

by KariLloyd September 24, 2013 Arrest

(US Law) There are some criminalized acts on the books that many people don’t even realize are crimes, but when it comes to driving under the influence (DUI), this is not a realistic belief. Even with some of the consequences of a DUI conviction being common knowledge, there are still numerous DUI arrests every year. […]

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Speeding with your License Suspended: Can this be Legally Fought?

by Ladyblogger September 7, 2013 Guest legal blogging

Far too many individuals have felt that sinking feeling in the pit of their stomach when they see flashing blue lights in their rearview mirror. Many people know exactly why they’re being pulled over if they realize they were going a bit too fast, but some individuals have even more to worry about in these […]

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Can I Travel if I Have a Previous Section 10 For Drink Driving? (Australian Law)

by Bill Vasiliadis August 15, 2013 Road Traffic Law

A criminal conviction can affect your ability to travel and work in the future. If you have a previous drink driving conviction, your ability to work in certain driving occupations may be limited and you may find your ability to get a visa for some countries is restricted. Successfully obtaining a Section 10 for drink […]

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Paralegals and Traffic Tickets, The Touch

by August 13, 2013 Road Traffic Law

Every single day, there are scores of people all over Canada falling foul of the highway traffic act. Many of these people don’t even know that they are doing something wrong until they find a police car pulling up beside them. The problem is, a lot of police officers are handing out tickets without too […]

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Texting While Driving: How Laws Have Impacted the Problem in the US

by calvinthescribe June 25, 2013 General Law

The use of cell phones among active drivers is unquestionably controversial, leading to an increasing number of laws that prohibit drivers from sending text messages. Even big name mobile companies are joining the crusade, entreating users to wait before they text. But how have these laws really affected this risky, dangerous behavior? Less Texting in […]

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Pedestrians: What the Law Requires

by Lisa Coleman June 19, 2013 General Law

(US law and generally) There are many popular misconceptions regarding the rights and duties of pedestrians. Some people believe that pedestrians have an absolute right to travel anywhere at any time while others follow the old adage of “might makes right.” Believing either point of view is a recipe for disaster. Understanding the comparative rights […]

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