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Legal aid legal blogs (blawgs) published by lawyers and law firms publishing useful information about the value of legal aid. And in addition to a list of free legal advice providers in the UK, we’ve listed free legal advice providers in Canadafree legal advice providers in Australia and free legal advice providers in the United States too).

The Importance of Free Legal Advice Providers in a Legal Aid and Cost of Living Crisis

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ June 25, 2023 Legal Aid

Given the current legal aid crisis and continued cost of living issues, we’ve started a new FREE LEGAL ADVICE page within our top lawyers directory with the mission of showcasing and championing those providers, university law clinics, law firms and lawyers and others who provide free legal advice and pro bono assistance (starting with the […]

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Mark Thorley, Solicitor Provides Expertise to Scottish Legal Aid Payment Review Panel

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ August 23, 2021 Legal Aid

Mark Thorley, Solicitor and head of the family law and reparation department at Thorley Stephenson SSC, has received thanks from the Scottish Government for his contribution to the Legal Aid Payment Review Panel. Mark has contributed valuable insight from his extensive experience and expertise in criminal, reparation and family law . Mark is also the […]

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Rights of Women Charity loses Challenge to Civil Legal Aid Legislation for Domestic Violence Victims

by Muna Saleem February 18, 2015 Domestic Violence

Whilst many regulatory and legal semantics have little impact on the population, a recent legal case may be of interest to the everyday civilian. On the 22 nd January, The Public Law Project, on behalf of Rights for Women, a legal advocacy group, attempted to remove specific pieces of legislation that were brought in to regulate […]

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There are no bad cars, there are bad manufacturers…

by Mary November 20, 2014 Legal Aid

Vehicle recall is a rather painful process both for car owners and carmakers. Of course, it’s time consuming and not comfortable to take your car for repairs or replacement, however it’s necessary for your family’s safety, especially when some major defects are revealed. So car owner’s motivation is obvious. Now let’s look at the problem […]

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£100 Million+ Shortfall Being Faced By Family Law Firms

by PaulReflect September 2, 2014 Family Law

In the latest family law news, it’s been estimated that high street law firms in charge of legal aid family cases are to face a significant short falls in fees. A huge legal aid funding drop of around £110 million has been predicted. The estimate was supplied by Lawyer Supported Mediation (LSM) after the organisation […]

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Legal aid underspend criticised by Labour

by Harvey Harding December 5, 2013 Legal Aid

The Labour Party has criticised justice secretary Chris Grayling for pressing ahead with legal aid cuts despite an underspend on the budget last year. Shadow justice secretary Sadiq Khan insists the government is wrong to claim legal aid costs too much in a bid to justify cutting £220m from the budget. Mr Khan pointed to […]

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The Court of Protection – Open to the public?

by EdwardHandsandLewis October 24, 2013 Blawg

The new president of the Family Division courts has echoed previous plans to make the Court of Protection open to the public. The plans have been talked about for some time now, and it was reported yesterday that the new president Sir James Munby agreed with the plans. The Court of Protection makes important decisions […]

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Law Training Contracts: What are the Alternatives?

by sophia032 August 2, 2013 Legal Aid

Legal professions and careers are not easy to come by these days. In some instances, it’s not just about the number of jobs posted in the market. The skills and experience required may not match the applicant’s profile, leading to scarcity of options available. For law graduates, this could be disheartening. Fortunately, the evolution of […]

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UK legal aid cuts result in unequal access to justice

by billysexton July 20, 2013 Legal Aid
Thumbnail image for UK legal aid cuts result in unequal access to justice

Solicitors across the UK are expressing concerns surrounding legal aid cuts, which have been introduced by justice secretary, Chris Grayling. Grayling’s original measures included reducing the number of firms that provide legal aid from 1600 to 400 and not allowing defendants to choose their lawyer. The latter measure in particular received widespread criticism, despite the […]

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What is contentious probate and what does it mean to me?

by EdwardHandsandLewis June 4, 2013 Blawg

Contentious Probate claims are one of the biggest areas of litigation and put simply, are claims challenging the validity of a will when the testator passes away and in some cases, the distribution of the assets in the testator’s estate. The effect of a contested probate claim on beneficiaries and executors cannot be underestimated and […]

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