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How to Choose Between a Corporate Law Firm vs. In-House Legal Team

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ May 18, 2024 Legal Careers

Though completing your law degree feels like a challenge, the exciting question is, where do you take your legal career? Two prominent paths are the bustling world of corporate law firms and the more strategic realm of in-house legal teams. Choosing between these options isn’t a simple binary decision. Both offer distinct advantages and considerations. […]

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3 Of The Most Promising Legal Fields For Young Lawyers

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ December 9, 2023 Legal Careers

The job market for newly qualified lawyers is continually expanding, with numerous opportunities in a range of fields. Both current law students and those looking to graduate in the near future are greeted with the prospect of joining new and exciting areas of law, and with this expansion into new fields, this has also increased […]

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Who are five of the richest lawyers in the world? + Lawyer Salary FAQs (UK/US Edition)

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ September 22, 2023 Legal Careers

In this piece, we’ll examine how some of the world’s wealthiest attorneys amassed their fortunes. We’ll also provide some thoughts on some of the most frequently asked lawyer salary questions that budding law students, law graduates and trainee solicitors, pupil barristers going through pupillage and attorney interns might be wanting to know. Our Editor was […]

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How Paralegals can ensure they are not breaking the rules around ‘Holding Out’

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ August 26, 2023 Legal Careers

By Amanda Hamilton, Patron of the National Association of Licensed Paralegals (NALP) Every paralegal should be aware of Holding Out, and no paralegal should ever do it. Holding Out is when the impression is given—either by inference or by omission—that a paralegal is anything other than a paralegal. Not all legal problems need a solicitor, […]

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Five Key Skills Barristers Can Gain From Pro-bono Work

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ April 29, 2023 Legal Careers

Do you aspire to have a career at the Bar? If so, have you done any free legal advice pro bono work?  All prospective barristers should dedicate time to pro bono work: professional legal work that is voluntary and helps those in need of legal assistance – often in your local community.  Not only does […]

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The Apprentice 2023 final: Lord Sugar’s new business partner is a BPP law graduate

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ March 26, 2023 Legal Careers

The winner of the 2023 series of The Apprentice on BBC has been revealed as Marnie Swindells, who graduated from BPP University Law School in 2018 following the successful completion of its Barrister Training Course. The 28 year old businesswoman, who impressed Lord Sugar and his team with her plans to set up a community-focused boxing gym […]

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5 reasons why young commercial lawyers may want to consider an in-house solicitor position

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ June 22, 2015 Legal Careers

In-house solicitor jobs were formerly considered to be mainly for those who wanted an alternative legal career path outwith the more common role of a lawyer within a law firm. Now, in-house lawyer jobs are becoming much more popular. Here are five reasons why young lawyers may want to consider hunting for a job as […]

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How a degree in law can lead a bright future in any industry

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ September 30, 2013 Legal Careers

How can a law degree can lead to a bright future in any industry? This post explains the importance of staying positive. And see also our guide to some of the top legal recruitment agencies in addition to the information below:- Since the financial crisis of 2008 there hasn’t been much good news for graduates. […]

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The Fall of Gender Equality Since the Recession: What’s to Blame?

by edralyn September 9, 2013 Car Accidents

Around 2009, the Great Recession was being termed the “Man-cession” or the “He-cession” by many who were concerned over the rising number of unemployed males compared to females, especially due to losses in such male-dominated fields as construction and manufacturing. Still others were insisting the numbers painted a much more complicated picture – one in […]

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Law Training Contracts: What are the Alternatives?

by sophia032 August 2, 2013 Legal Aid

Legal professions and careers are not easy to come by these days. In some instances, it’s not just about the number of jobs posted in the market. The skills and experience required may not match the applicant’s profile, leading to scarcity of options available. For law graduates, this could be disheartening. Fortunately, the evolution of […]

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