Who were the five most famous lawyers in New South Wales?

It is subjective to determine the five most renowned lawyers in New South Wales, as fame can vary across eras, regions, and legal specialties. However, listed below are five eminent New South Wales solicitors who have attained significant prominence as part of our series on some of the most famous Australian lawyers:

  1. Sir Garfield Barwick was an Australian lawyer and jurist who served as the Chief Justice of Australia. He was born in Sydney, New South Wales. He played a crucial role in the development of Australian constitutional law and was engaged in a number of significant legal cases. Barwick’s contributions to the legal profession and his position as Chief Justice have made him one of the most well-known solicitors in New South Wales.
  2. Lionel Murphy was an Australian politician and lawyer who served as a High Court Justice. He was born in Sydney. His progressive interpretations of the Constitution and dedication to social justice had a substantial impact on Australian law. Murphy’s legal and political career, which has been marked by controversial and ground-breaking judgements, has made him a prominent figure in the legal landscape of New South Wales.
  3. Marie Bashir: Born in Narrandera, New South Wales, Marie Bashir is an Australian psychiatrist and lawyer who served as the Governor of New South Wales. Prior to her appointment as governor, she had a fruitful career as a mental health clinician, educator, and advocate. Bashir’s contributions to the medical and legal disciplines, as well as her prominent role as Governor, have made her one of New South Wales’s most renowned attorneys.
  4. Geoffrey Robertson is a renowned Australian-born British barrister and human rights advocate who was born in Sydney. He has represented individuals and causes related to human rights and freedom of expression in a number of high-profile international cases. Robertson’s legal expertise and global impact have made him a prominent figure in the New South Wales and international legal communities.
  5. Bret Walker is a prominent Australian barrister known for his expertise in constitutional and administrative law. he was born in Sydney. He has represented clients in numerous landmark cases and investigations involving a variety of legal issues. Walker’s legal expertise and dedication to maintaining the rule of law have made him one of the most renowned solicitors in New South Wales.

Despite the fact that these five lawyers have achieved recognition in New South Wales, it is important to note that there are a large number of other influential and well-known lawyers in the state who have made significant contributions in their respective fields and gained notoriety for their achievements and impact on the legal profession.