Best Employment & Labor Lawyers Pensacola & Orlando, Florida

The following are some of the Best employment & labor lawyers / attorneys in Pensacola and Orlando Florida who can help advise on employment & labor law (whether you are an employee or an employer), based on reviews, reputation, ratings and more. And see also our guide to Five Top Orlando Realtors to help potentially sell your Orlando house and also for top personal injury attorneys in Orlando see here.

Here are the fantastic labour attorneys:-

Morgan & Morgan, P.A. Florida Labor Attorney

Morgan & Morgan Employment Attorneys

“Morgan & Morgan files the most employment litigation cases in the country, including those involving wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, wage theft, employee misclassification, defamation, retaliation, denial of leave, and executive pay disputes.”

Scott Wagner & Associates, P.A. Florida Labor & Employment Lawyers

Scott Wagner Florida Labor & Employment Lawyers

“Do you have a Florida or California employment dispute that requires litigation? Our firm prides itself on its reputation to competently litigate cases for employers and employees in matters of labor and employment law.”


James P Tarquin Florida Labor & Employment Attorney

“With the hundreds of employment law cases we have handled, our Ocala based employment law attorneys will develop and implement a legal strategy to vindicate your employee rights.”

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