Best Road Traffic & Motoring Offence Lawyers London

How can you dispute a road traffic offence charge in London?

If you’ve been charged with a road traffic offence in London and want to save your licence, career or avoid penalty points or a fine if you dispute the charges brought against you, the following are some of the top London motoring offence lawyers who may be able to help you based on their reputation, reviews & testimonials, ratings and more:-

Motoring Defence Solicitors – Expert Drug & Drink Driving Lawyers in London

“With over 10 years experience working solely within road traffic defense work, and with a proven track record of being able to defend our clients against these allegations successfully, if you need a drink or drug driving solicitor you can be sure that you will receive expert advice from Motoring Defence Solicitors.”

Kang & Co Solicitors – Specialist Solicitors in London

“Kang & Co Solicitors is a truly specialist high-end private funded law firm which provides legal advice and representation for all matters involving Criminal Law, Motoring Offences, Transport Law, Regulatory Law, Licensing Law & PACE Interviews. If you or your business are experiencing difficulties in respect of the legal practice areas covered at Kang & Co, please contact us for a No-obligation Telephone Assessment about your case. Our specialist solicitors in London will be able to provide you with initial guidance about your case and will be able to recommend the best course of action to take.”

BSB Solicitors – London’s Award Winning Criminal Lawyers

“Our lawyers have specialist experience of successfully defending drink drive cases; avoiding mandatory points/disqualification being imposed on your license by successfully arguing “special reasons”; avoiding automatic disqualification by arguing “exceptional hardship” and reducing the length of the disqualification by ensuring that mitigation is fully presented to the court.”

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