Who were the five most famous lawyers in Western Australia?

It is subjective to determine the five most renowned lawyers in Western Australia, as fame can vary across eras, regions, and legal specialties. However, here are five notable Western Australia lawyers who have attained significant prominence as part of our series of articles on some of the best famous Australian lawyers:

  1. Robert French is a distinguished Australian jurist who served as the Chief Justice of Australia’s High Court from 2008 to 2017. Although French was born in Western Australia, his legal career and influence extend well beyond the state. His contributions to the field of law, including his work on constitutional law and Indigenous rights, have made him one of Western Australia’s most renowned solicitors.
  2. Tom Percy QC: Tom Percy QC is a highly regarded Western Australia-based criminal defence lawyer. Percy’s expertise in criminal law and commanding courtroom presence have earned him a reputation for zealously defending his clients’ legal rights. His notable cases and media appearances have made him a well-known figure in the legal community of Western Australia.
  3. Cheryl Edwardes is a prominent Western Australian lawyer and former politician who served as Western Australia’s Attorney-General. Her legal career, which is distinguished by her expertise in commercial law, has earned her recognition and esteem among solicitors. Edwardes’ ensuing political career and contributions to public service have further solidified her position as one of Western Australia’s most renowned attorneys.
  4. John Quigley is a distinguished Western Australian lawyer who later transitioned into politics and is presently the Attorney-General of Western Australia. Quigley’s judicial career has been devoted to advocating for the rights of the marginalised and vulnerable. He is renowned for his zeal for justice and tireless advocacy. His prominent participation in Western Australia’s legal and political environment has made him one of the state’s most renowned attorneys.
  5. Linda Black: Linda Black is a highly regarded, Western Australia-based lawyer who specialises in family law. She has made significant contributions to family law practise, notably in the areas of child protection and domestic violence, where she has decades of experience. Black’s commitment to her clients and efforts to improve family law procedures have made her one of Western Australia’s most prominent solicitors.

Despite the fact that these five lawyers have achieved a high level of prominence in Western Australia, it is important to note that there are a large number of other influential and well-known lawyers in the state who have made significant contributions in their respective fields and gained recognition for their achievements and impact on the legal profession.