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Best Lawyers & Law Firms 2023 Update – With our new Five Fantastic Lawyers brand ( is now here!), you can see below some of our guides to some of the best lawyers in certain niche areas of law.

There are several things to think about when choosing a lawyer or law firm to represent you or advise you on your legal problems. You should look for a lawyer or firm that specialises in the kind of legal situation you are dealing with – area of law the firm deals with is a crucial consideration and it’s usually better not to choose a generalist lawyer over one focused in a certain niche. Location is another significant consideration because you’ll usually want to hire one relatively nearby but, importantly, you’ll need one that can advise on the law and regulations in your State or country, otherwise known as your ‘jurisdiction’.

To learn more about the lawyer or firm’s reputation and track record, you may also wish to take into account reviews, ratings, and other details about them.

Based on reviews, ratings, and other considerations, the following are a few examples of top law firms and attorneys you might wish to take into account:

Top US Lawyers & Law Firms

Best Lawyers USA

Top Australia & Pacific Lawyers & Law Firms

Top Australian Lawyers

Best UK Lawyers & Law Firms

Best UK Lawyers & Law Firms

Top Law Firms & Best Lawyers in Canada

Best Lawyers Canada

The following are some of the top law firms and lawyers in Canada, from various practice areas. More to follow in due course:-

Further great Canadian law firms and lawyers to follow – suggestions and recommendations always welcome.

Top Law Firms in Ireland & Best Irish Lawyers

Ireland's Best Lawyers

The following are our initial lists of some of the top law firms and best lawyers in Ireland:-

More great lawyers from Dublin and across Ireland to follow – again, recommendations always appreciated.

Suppliers to Lawyers & Law Firms

And see our new lists of legal sector companies, providers, and consultants who offer a wide range of services to law firms, such as business growth consulting, case management, and outsourced marketing services, as well as digital workflow, contract management software, and other legal software suppliers, are considered to be among the top legal suppliers:-

Fantastic Famous Lawyers of All Time

Our new series focuses on some of the most famous fantastic lawyers of all time in history from around the world – see these as follows here:-

Guides for Lawyers

In addition, we have various guides that may be useful for the lawyers on our site:-

More to follow!

We’ll be updating our directories of the best lawyers and law firms in due course. If you’d like to suggest categories for us to add please let us know.

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