Five UK Call Tracking Marketing for Law Firms Suppliers

Here are five of the top UK call tracking marketing suppliers for law firms.

These suppliers specialise in providing cutting-edge call tracking solutions tailored specifically for the legal industry.

With their advanced call analytics, recording, and monitoring capabilities, law firms can gain valuable insights into their marketing campaigns and effectively track the success of their phone leads.

These suppliers offer state-of-the-art call tracking software designed specifically for lawyers, enabling them to attribute calls to specific marketing efforts, analyse metrics, and make data-driven decisions.

Here are some of the top leading providers of call tracking marketing solutions for legal professionals:-

1. CallRail – UK Lead Intelligence platform helps businesses market with confidence

CallRail - UK Lead Intelligence platform helps businesses market with confidence

“CallRail is the lead intelligence platform that makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to market with confidence. Serving more than 200,000 companies worldwide, CallRail’s solutions help businesses track and attribute each lead to their marketing journey, capture and manage every call, text, chat, and form, and use real-time insights to optimize their marketing.”

G Reviews Rating: 4.6/5 from 99 Reviews as of 2022/2023

Client Testimonials: “CallRail has been a tremendous tool for our company!! Tracking Phone calls by source, keyword, etc, has been a game changer in how we manage our campaigns. I’ve been very impressed by their support team as well. They are very responsive and thorough.” -Luke Gordon

2. Mediahawk – England’s Leading Call Tracking Software

Mediahawk - England's Leading Call Tracking Software

“Mediahawk, the leading call-tracking software, helps you get the most out of every conversation Understand customer behavior, elevate your experience, and improve your conversion rates.

Which marketing campaigns and sources generate phone calls and sales? Mediahawk is the market leader in call tracking and marketing analytics solutions for the business community. With over 20 years of experience supplying many of the world’s largest blue-chip companies with call-tracking software. We are also the experts in our field with a wealth of knowledge to help your company analyze and track your inbound calls and conversions.

Mediahawk call tracking provides the clarity and insight necessary to attribute your sales accurately to marketing spend, ensuring you advertise in the right places, and increase your ROI as a direct result. Our technology supports multi-channel marketing activity, enabling you to pinpoint your highest-performing advertising campaigns.”

G Reviews Rating: 4.9/5 from 59 Reviews as of 2022/2023

Client Testimonials: “Mediahawk has given us the ability to gain vital data to help us improve how we work and the service we provide to clients. Natalie is a knowledgeable, responsive account manager always on hand to support our needs.” -Nicholas Nicholaou

3. Infinity – UK World’s leading call intelligence provider

Infinity - UK World's leading call intelligence provider

“Infinity is the leading call intelligence platform. Providing transformational business tools to gain intelligence from every conversation with prospects and customers. To drive more sales, optimize marketing, and streamline operations.

Available in over 75 countries, Infinity’s technology allows you to measure which marketing channels generate calls giving you a complete insight into every touch point of your customer’s journey.

Incorporating the most advanced Universal Analytics integration available, Infinity will send phone call data into Google Analytics as well as custom dimensions about the call, such as call length, call rating or your own custom dimensions passed through from your website.

If you want to know what a caller is interested in when you answer the phone, the ‘Infinity Caller Insight App’ makes this possible by providing real-time information about incoming callers. Start the conversation today – Call Now.”

G Reviews Rating: 4.6/5 from 18 Reviews as of 2022/2023

Client Testimonials: “Infinity has very quickly become an integral part of our online marketing campaigns. This has accelerated the pace of business growth for our clients, since we are now able to measure results more accurately and quickly. Furthermore, the support teams are very hands-on which is a massive asset. I thoroughly recommend them as a partner.” -Ankur Chadha

4. Moore Legal Technology (now MLT Digital) – Managing and Tracking Leads for Law Firms

Moore Legal Technology - UK Managing and Tracking Leads for Law Firms

Helping implement call tracking into law firm websites.

“We are a digital marketing and law firm growth consultancy staffed by lawyers, ex-lawyers, marketers, data analysts, techies, and web designers. We’re friendly but focused. Generating the right results for our law firm clients is our number 1 priority.

Our key values are trust, prosperity, and innovation. What Do We Do?

  • Digital strategy
  • Branding
  • Law firm website design and build
  • Content marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Online Advertising
  • Recruitment Marketing
  • Conversion tracking and sales coaching
  • Call handling & Lead management

We have the potential to transform your practice and are always here happy to talk about how we could potentially help you.”

G Reviews Rating: 4.6/5 from 23 Reviews as of 2022/2023

Client Testimonials: “My firm has received excellent service and we are pleased with the results. We have found MLT to be well-informed, efficient, and cost-effective. They understand both the legal sector in general as well as our specific needs. I can thoroughly recommend them.” -Richard Silver

5. Ruler Analytics Ltd – UK Marketing Mix Modelling and Marketing Attribution Software

Ruler Analytics Ltd - UK Marketing Mix Modelling and Marketing Attribution Software

“Marketing attribution and marketing mix modeling software. Connect the dots between your anonymous website sessions, closed deals, and sales. Ruler integrates your website, CRM, and analytics platform data.

With this in place, it’ll allow you to: ➡️ Track every inbound lead ➡️ Link form fills and other lead conversions to full customer journeys ➡️ Prove your marketing return on investment by reporting on metrics like revenue instead of clicks and impressions.

We call it closing the loop.”

G Reviews Rating: 4.4/5 from 23 Reviews as of 2022/2023

Client Testimonials: “I’ve used Ruler with numerous clients for a while now and I swear by it. Excellent tool supplied with great service. I’ve got clients now that see greater value in our service and have even started delivering training to their own staff based on recorded phone calls.” -Chris Stott

Need help with call tracking and managing online leads and enquiries for your law firm?

If you own or manage a law firm and are looking for better call tracking and online lead management for your law firm get in touch here and we’ll point you in the right direction. Disclaimer that our Editor is a Director at MLT Digital mentioned in our page on Top Digital Marketing Agencies for Law Firms and has experience working with most of the call tracking providers above.

And see also our guide on 8 Digital Marketing Trends For Law Firms in addition to Law Firm Press Release Writing – Top 5 Tips & Top 10 PR Submission Sites and, for analytical purposes, Five UK Call Tracking Marketing for Law Firms Suppliers.

From seamless integration to comprehensive reporting and impressive return on investment (ROI), the above suppliers are dedicated to optimising call tracking implementation for law firms across the UK and there may be well others too that could help your firm succeed – get in touch if you think our list of call tracking providers for law firms can be improved at all.

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