Free Legal Advice in England & Wales

Focusing on Pro Bono Legal Services in England and Wales in the United Kingdom

In our extensive directory of law firms, we are committed to highlighting and praising those who offer free legal advice throughout the United Kingdom, taking into consideration the unique legal systems of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

While renowned organisations such as Citizens Advice Bureau have championed free legal counsel, certain cases require the assistance of other providers, lawyers, and law firms, especially in the major cities of England and Wales, including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Cardiff, and Bristol, among others.

Free / Pro Bono Legal Advice Providers in England and Wales

We present the leading providers of free legal advice in the United Kingdom, highlighting the areas of law in which they specialise. As we continue to expand this directory, lawyers from prominent cities in England and Wales, including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Cardiff, and Bristol, are encouraged to contact us if they provide pro bono legal services deserving of recognition.

For England and Wales, here are other great legal advice providers, including various leading University law clinics:-

  1. Pro Bono Centre at BPP University Law School – The Pro Bono Centre at BPP University Law School offers free legal advice.
  2. University of Law – The University of Law offers free legal advice for the public.
  3. Aston Law Clinic at Aston University – Aston Law Clinic provides free legal advice services.
  4. Teesside University Law School Law Clinic – Teesside University Law School offers a law clinic that provides free legal advice.
  5. Edge Hill University Law Clinic – Edge Hill University’s Law Clinic offers free legal advice services.
  6. Legal Advice Clinic at London South Bank University – London South Bank University has a legal advice clinic that offers free legal advice.
  7. Legal Advice Centre at Queen Mary University of London – Queen Mary University of London provides a Legal Advice Centre that offers free legal advice.
  8. Essex Law Clinic at University of Essex – The University of Essex offers the Essex Law Clinic, providing access to free legal help.
  9. SILKS Law Clinics at University of Salford – SILKS Law Clinics at the University of Salford offers free legal advice services.
  10. Legal Advice Centre at University of Greenwich – The University of Greenwich operates a Legal Advice Centre offering free legal advice.


Do English and Welsh law firms provide pro bono services?

We are identifying select solicitors and law firms inspired by the work of Delia Venables and Nick Holmes. These organisations offer free aid to those in need in England and Wales.

What is the usual Scope of Free Legal Services in England & Wales?

Keep in mind that although free legal advice is extremely valuable, it does have limitations. Depending on your location, legal issue, and case details, you may need private legal advice.

Are there other firms that provide legal advice for free in England & Wales?

Yes. Our list continues to expand beyond the initial mentions as we identify more and more organisations that provide free legal advice.

If you think you can help us improve the information or contact details for anyone or any organisation in England or Wales who can really make a difference in providing free legal advice or representation whether on a government funded or pro bono basis or otherwise please do not hesitate to contact our Editor, Gavin Ward, here.

P.S. Our expanding free legal advice directories includes not only a listing of free legal advice providers in the UK, but also those in CanadaAustralia, and the United States.