Best Drink Driving (DUI) Lawyers Perth

If you need a top drink driving (DUI) lawyer in Perth to give you legal advice and assistance, including to help you save your licence or your job and career potentially if you’ve been arrested and charged with drink driving, here are some of the best drink driving lawyers in Perth who may be able to help you based on their online reputation, client reviews & testimonials, ratings and more:-

Stevenson Legal – Dedicated Criminal Law Firm in Perth

“A Stevenson Legal lawyer can help you if you’ve been charged with any of the following DUI or drink driving charges;

  • Drink driving
  • Driving with an excess 0.02%
  • Driving with an excess 0.05%
  • Driving with an excess 0.08%
  • Driving under the influence (excess 0.15%)
  • Refusing to provide a sample of breath
  • Refusing a roadside breath test
  • Breaching a two-month roadside disqualification
  • Drug driving (driving under the influence of drugs)”

Criminal Defence Lawyers – Drink Driving Lawyers Perth

“Drink driving lawyers are those professionals who deal with drink-and-drive cases or those offenses that include driving under the influence of alcohol. In a typical drink-driving case, a person at the wheels of a vehicle, often intoxicated, causes harm to other drivers on the road as well. Based on the level of alcohol in your bloodstream, you can be charged with a huge fine or even other penalties also. If repeatedly caught by the police for such drink driving cases, your driving license can be revoked.”

WN Legal – Perth’s leading Criminal Law Firm WA

“WN Legal is one of the well-established boutique law firms in Perth that aims to solve your complex legal issues.

Our experienced team of Criminal Lawyers offers legal representation and guidance through difficult and trying times and will assist you through various legal and court processes while advising for your individual case.”

Need Legal Help Defending Drink Driving Allegations in Perth ?

Based in Perth and need help saving your licence if you’ve been charged with drink driving? The firms above should be able to help or advise you with best advice for your case and advice on the next steps and if you’re considering other firms, ensure they have excellent online reviews, make sure you know what their legal fees will be upfront before you instruct them, and ensure the lawyer who will be working on your case has the right level of expertise for you.

For Drink Driving Lawyer in Perth – Want to be listed?

And if you are a drink-driving lawyer in Perth, and want your law firm to be listed, get in touch here and we’ll be happy to consider you.

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