Pursuing A Career In Criminal Justice

by gclatworthy on January 14, 2013

Pursuing a career in criminal justice is a rewarding pursuit. The types of positions that are available to someone with a master’s degree in criminal justice today are an excellent career choice. There are a few of those that offer a rewarding life with an excellent pay scale for growth in the future. They are all rewarding and jobs that truly serve the community.

Here are a few of those choices and the ways that you should prepare for a career in those fields.


One of the most prestigious jobs for anyone in the criminal justice field is a position with the FBI. The requirements are a masters in criminal justice along with some other criteria. Anyone that meets that criterion can pursue application to the FBI. There are several physical requirements as well as a background check that must be completed prior to employment as well.

While it is a lengthy process to become employed there, it is also an excellent career choice with excellent pay and prestige. There are several choices within the FBI for a career in that chosen field. Some of those fields are also available in the private sector. Most are considered to be jobs in the public sector of work. Two years of prior experience is needed as well. Each area of the FBI has specialization work that is detailed on the applications page on their website. Make a check list of those and reach those goals before applying.

Forensic Science

You will need to complete classes in chemistry and biology in order to work in this type of position. Your communication skills must also be strong in order to effectively present information for the cases that you will cover in your day to day work. You can work with the FBI or other law enforcement agencies. Your work will help people daily and is a very rewarding choice.

Department of Corrections

You can work with your local police department or the state police when you have a master’s degree in criminal justice. It offers you the chance to participate in helping your local community within law enforcement. This is another position that requires a background check prior to employment.

Physical training is required as well as the need to be physically fit for the job. Most programs offer training programs when you apply to the academy in order to get you in the right shape for passing the physical exam. It is best though to be in good physical shape before making your application.

Private Investigation

This is a career option that normally requires at least two years experience in law enforcement prior to getting licensed as a private investigator. You will work undercover usually for private clients often embroiled in civil cases such as divorce or personal injury claims. It should be noted that the hours of this type of work are extensive. Long hours at night are required as is a high level of secrecy.

These are just a few of the choices that you can make for pursuing a career in criminal justice. Your master’s degree in criminal justice is the first step after your bachelor’s degree. Most guidance counselors can help you decide which area to specialize in to help you reach your career goals.

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