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Breaking down Second Home Stamp Duty

by Taylor Rose TTKW April 21, 2016 Property

The new second home stamp duty land tax rates came into effect on April 1st 2016 and changed how the amount of tax those who are purchasing a buy to let property or a second home will pay. At a basic level, this change increases stamp duty payments by 3% and is applicable on any […]

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The Importance of Legal Agreements in Protecting your Share of your Property

by September 24, 2015 Conveyancing

Every year, countless couples move in together unaware of how little legal protection they have when it comes to ownership of the home that they now live in. You can live with your partner for decades, but if things were to go horribly wrong and you end up going your separate ways, you could end […]

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Transfer on Death Deed Under the Texas Real Property Transfer on Death Act.

by Friscowill August 19, 2015 Expert Estate Planning Law Blogs | Stay Informed and Secure Your Future | Five Fantastic Lawyers

The Texas Real Property Transfer on Death Act, found under Chapter 114 of the Texas Estate Code, provides that after September 1st, 2015 the State of Texas will recognize a deed which transfers property upon the death of an individual. This opens new possibilities to Estate Planning which allows an individual to create a deed […]

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Want to sell your property? Dont forget the Legal Bits!

by EssRitcher January 9, 2014 Property

Once you’ve settled on selling your home, spruced up the areas that might put potential buyers off, and made a mental note to brew coffee, bake bread, and have fresh flowers in the lounge whenever you have a viewing, it’s worth spending a little time just double-checking that you’ve taken care of essential legal issues […]

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Landlord prosecution highlights tenant dangers

by Harvey Harding December 12, 2013 Property

The prosecution of a private landlord who let out a ‘filthy’ house highlights the dangers faced by tenants, the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC) has said. Ravinder Singh Takhar, 57, who was 248th in the 2005 The Times Asian Rich List, was prosecuted under the Housing Act and Local Government Act. He admitted six […]

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Landlords are not responsible for empty homes

by Harvey Harding December 11, 2013 Conveyancing

The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) has labelled the notion that landlords are deliberately leaving properties empty as ‘nonsense’. There are an estimated 700,000 empty homes in England – 270,000 of which have been empty for over six months. This has lead to criticism of the private rented sector with claims that some landlords are choosing not to […]

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What your estate agents doesn’t want you to know.

by EssRitcher December 5, 2013 Property

Estate agents get a bad press; from economical use of the truth – “compact and bijoux” for “poky”, for example – to pushy behaviour to get you to sign on the dotted line, they’re about as popular as the traffic warden with anyone trying to buy or sell a property. However, there are aspects of […]

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Dream home; legal nightmare

by Terry W November 29, 2013 Property

Low house prices and competitive mortgage rates mean it’s a great time to buy property, whether you are working your way onto the property ladder or expanding your existing portfolio. Terry from Carnabys will tell you that it is all too easy to overlook some of the legal issues which can turn your dream house […]

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How To Extend A Lease

by Tim Bishop November 22, 2013 Property

If you own a leasehold flat, you own the right to live there – but only until your lease expires. So how long is your leasehold? If it’s a relatively short lease or if you want to attract future buyers, you can extend your lease. But how do you know if you’re even eligible? How […]

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Positive signs to invest in real estate in Spain

by David Lorenzo November 14, 2013 Conveyancing

Five reasons to invest in real estate in Spain After more than five years of crisis, uncertainty about when to recover the brick industry has given way to a widespread optimism, thanks largely to the closure of operations of foreign investors. “It has opened a new stage in the Spanish property market. In recent months, […]

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