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Polygraphs in the Criminal Justice System

by Allen Browning September 15, 2015 Blawg

In the criminal justice system, the prosecutor is obliged with bringing justice. That means, even though someone comes into his or her office complaining of being wronged, the prosecutor has an obligation to try to determine who is at fault and who is telling the truth about an incident. Sometimes, when an accused in a felony […]

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Facing Charges: Wrongfully Accused of Sexual Contact with a Minor

by Brett-ly July 7, 2014 Sexual Offences

Any amount of time in prison—especially when you’re innocent—is too much time. Try 18 months. Our client claimed his innocence from Day One, but prosecutors went ahead and charged him with 20 counts of sexual contact with a minor. Icky, right? That’s what most people say about sex cases. But “liberty and justice for all” […]

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Sex Offenders Repeat Crimes in Florida

by Zelick Glimelstein February 6, 2014 Criminal Law

Florida state legislature certainly has their hands full this year as new laws pertaining to many different criminal offenses make their rounds. One of the most controversial topics is stricter sentencing for sexual predators. Three bills for harsher sentencing received unanimous votes in the senate as of Monday, January 13th. These new bills will determine the […]

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Sandusky Victims $60 Million Settlement Highlights Leverage Provided by Expert Witnesses in Sexual Abuse Lawsuits

by theexpertinstitute October 31, 2013 Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Pennsylvania State University announced on Monday that they will pay an aggregate of $59.7 million to settle claims from 26 victims of sexual abuse. The university’s former assistant football coach, Jerry Sandusky, was unanimously found guilty of 45 criminal counts relating to the sexual abuse he inflicted upon eight young boys he met at The […]

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What Should you Do if Under Investigation for a Sex Crime?

by Cantor August 20, 2013 Sexual Offences

Being charged with a sex crime can be a very stressful and difficult situation to be in. While you are awaiting trial, you may find that people who used to be your close friends and acquaintances are skeptical to be around you as a result of the pending charges. Furthermore, your own romantic relationships can […]

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Los Angeles Assault Attorney Explains Domestic Assault

by ManuelianLawFirm August 9, 2013 Assault

A domestic assault charge in Los Angeles threatens more than just your marriage. Like any other assault, a domestic assault conviction can result in not only the loss of your family, but the loss of your freedom as well. Emotionally-charged and aggressively pursued by prosecutors, domestic assault charges are serious and a conviction can result […]

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Abortion and Rape

by RyanD June 11, 2013 Criminal Law

Although Roe vs. Wade made abortion legal in all 50 states in 1973, the issue of abortion has remained a controversial one. Many politicians have sought to overturn Roe vs. Wade, and 16 states have never repealed laws that were deemed unconstitutional by the landmark Supreme Court case.   One of the biggest issues with […]

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Felony Charges: Surviving False Allegations

by ShelbyW September 20, 2012 Assault

The criminal justice system in America views all crimes differently, but public opinion often views certain crimes in an even worse light than the legal system does. Although crimes like armed robbery, murder and money laundering often bring harsher penalties than crimes such as abuse and rape, the public often is far more sickened by […]

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5 Reasons to Guest Blawg

by Legal Author September 13, 2011 Accident Claims

A key component of blogging, guest blogging is, as the term suggests, where a blogger writes as a guest on another blogger’s blog. While this may be obvious, it may not be apparent to some why guest blogging can be useful. Here are 5 reasons why you may wish to increase your own or your […]

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