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The Young & the Restless: Tips for Young Attorneys Who Can’t Find a Job

by berrywes May 23, 2013 Lawyers

Young and newly licensed attorneys receive endless career advice from well-meaning individuals. This advice ranges from job search techniques, interview etiquette, and the all-time favorite – how best to network. In the midst of all this chatter, young attorneys often forget about his or her most valuable investment: themselves. The reality is that the economy […]

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How a Young Single Mom Made it as a Paralegal

by Laura Heinz March 21, 2013 Company Law

I stumbled into the legal field by chance; however chance has provided me with a great career as a paralegal. I hope my experience may help other single parents who are thinking about ways to pursue a rewarding career in the legal field – it can be done. I became a mother when I was […]

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Law Graduates – How to Get Your First Job as a Lawyer by Being a Paralegal

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ November 22, 2012 Legal Jobs

The legal profession is not immune to the effects of the economic down turn, and times are just as hard for law graduates seeking employment as new hopefuls in any other sector. Working as a paralegal is an option that many consider in the hope that this will lead to a full time job as […]

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Tips for obtaining a training contract

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ November 10, 2012 Legal Jobs

This post was contributed by Peter Overmeer, a Partnership Administrator at Jolliffe & Co. Solicitors in Chester. As partnership administrator, Peter deals with all administrative sides of the business, including hiring trainees. SECURING A TRAINING CONTRACT It is a tough old world out there and with law firms cutting back and the increasing competition driving […]

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Slaughter and May ranked as the most reputable law firm in the UK

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ November 10, 2012 Legal Careers

Solicitors rank Slaughter and May as the #1 Most Reputable Law Firm in Inside Buzz’s 2013 law survey Slaughter and May has been ranked as the most reputable law firm in the UK by trainees and solicitors surveyed by career information publisher Inside Buzz Ltd. ( in the 2013 edition of their guide An Inside […]

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Your Law Degree and the Job Market: How Finance Can Be a Plausible Career Path

by Cameron Tyler June 25, 2012 Banking and Finance Law

The economy isn’t exactly ideal for any profession, but lawyers in particular are struggling a bit more than others when it comes to securing employment in an increasingly competitive environment. An article in “The Wall Street Journal” detailed the struggle many lawyers are facing in the job market today, citing a story of one lawyer […]

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Conflict Resolution’s Top Five Careers

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ June 22, 2012 Legal Careers

Below is a legal blog post regarding 5 potential careers in conflict resolution. Conflict resolution as a skill is much in demand these days, due in most part to the ever increasing importance of communication on a global scale. Sometimes referred to as alternative dispute resolution, conflict resolution is at the core of many high […]

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