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Fleet tracking laws for the future

by Cameron Tyler April 8, 2013 Business Law

The federal government recently adopted a new law that will require all commercial trucking companies to install electronic driver logs, also known as electronic onboard recording devices (EOBRs), in each vehicle to keep track of driver behaviors and travel time. These devices are already available on the market, and some companies in the industry have already purchased […]

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2013 driver log requirements

by Cameron Tyler April 3, 2013 Business Development for Law Firms

The trucking and transport industry is planning for a major overhaul due to new EOBR laws. While the bill for new logbook requirements and drivers’ records is determined to go into full affect by 2015, the kinks of the chain still need to be worked out. Drivers, business owners and EOBR manufacturers each have their […]

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EOBR Mandate May Bring Unexpected Changes

by Cameron Tyler March 14, 2013 Business Law

In the United States, drivers are subject to regulations concerning how long they may drive their trucks without a break. These laws, known as hours of service, or HOS, regulations, are a source of constant debate in the trucking industry. When a company has inefficient practices, it’s common for drivers to fudge their paper logs in […]

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Updated EOBR laws for 2013

by Cameron Tyler March 6, 2013 Business

For many years, drivers of commercial trucks and other vehicles have kept track of the mileage they travel using manual, handwritten logs. Recently, some drivers have even begun keeping track of their mileage with manual electronic logs. Unfortunately, drivers sometimes fail to keep track of their mileage accurately with either of these methods. In some […]

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Understanding Sovereign Nation Laws

by Cameron Tyler February 28, 2013 Human Rights Law

Throughout American history, the plight of Native Americans has been an interesting one. When the colonists first came to the New World, they ignored the native people and claimed land for themselves, with little thought for the people who lived on it originally. As the fledgling government came into being, it continued to ignore the […]

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Laws designed to help Native American cultures

by Cameron Tyler February 18, 2013 Human Rights Law

Native American tribes have expressed concern that the both the United States government and the country’s legal system have disregarded their culture, history, religion and property. From the desecration of burial sites to the sale of human remains and sacred objects to museums, the laws of the land have often clashed with Native American cultural practices. But […]

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Tips on Preparing for Trial

by Cameron Tyler October 17, 2012 General Law

When an attorney steps into a courtroom to represent a client, he or she comes fully armed and ready for battle. Preparing for a trial is crucial for both the attorney and the client being represented. A well-prepared attorney will have complete command of the facts and evidence to back up every statement that he […]

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Class Action Lawsuit Collaboration

by Cameron Tyler August 15, 2012 Cloud Computing for Lawyers

Lawyers are some of the busiest and most overworked professional people on the planet. It’s not uncommon for attorneys to work 60, 70 or even 80 hour weeks, especially when mired in the details of a current or complicated case. While all business owners are on the lookout for ways to save time and improve […]

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Overlooked dental needs in rural America

by Cameron Tyler August 2, 2012 Medical Law

Dental health has long been one of the more overlooked aspects of healthcare in America and not having proper coverage is a big reason why. People who usually take a proactive approach to their healthcare will often overlook dental care because of the cost involved and the lack of available insurance. Having dental insurance greatly […]

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Subscription-Based Services and IP Law

by Cameron Tyler July 10, 2012 Intellectual Property

Over the past decade, the way in which people listen to music has changed dramatically. As the Internet has become a place that is nearly as much about socializing and entertainment as it is about the sharing of information, it’s no surprise that large part of our musical lives have moved online. CDs have largely […]

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