How do I change my company’s registered office?

by Elemental CoSec on January 20, 2013

Providing your company’s articles allow for such a change (it is extremely unlikely that they wouldn’t), your company directors can make the decision to change your registered office address by passing a resolution in a board meeting.


You need to register this change with Companies House. If Companies House approves your application, they will notify HMRC on your behalf. Do not assume that because you have made your request that your address has now changed. You must wait for the confirmation from Companies House.


You should complete the AD01 form ‘Change of Registered Office Address’ and return this to Companies House. Do take into account that this is a slow process due to the handling of paperwork. The form is relatively straightforward but you must ensure you complete the following:


  • Your company name and number matches the information held on the public register.
  • You have provided a proper address for your new registered office
  • The registered office is in the location where the company was registered. E.g. England and Wales, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland.
  • You have signed the form.


The other way is to update your details on the Companies House website.


To avoid delays, ensure you send in the full post code of the address which you wish to register. This address must be a physical location because Companies House uses the Post Office address database to verify addresses. Your registered office is an official address to which Companies House will send relevant legal documentation to your company.


Remember, when you are changing your registered office, you must adhere to the rules and regulations. Your new registered office must be in the same country your company was incorporated in: i.e. if you incorporated your business in England and Wales, your new address must either be in England or Wales. Your company name must also be displayed at your new office so that visitors are able to see it when visiting the premises. The office address must also be visible on all letters, order forms and other official publications such as websites.


A simple option for your new registered office is to use your ordinary business offices. However, it is becoming increasingly popular to outsource this to a Company Secretarial Services firm because the address does not need to be your official business address. It need only be the address which HMRC can use for formal communications.


Any document can be served on the company at the old registered address until 14 days after the registration date. It is therefore advised you set up a postal divert or are able to collect any documentation from your old address until this time.


If you require any advice or guidance regarding your company’s registered office, Elemental CoSec (a leading Company Secretarial Services UK firm) can provide you with expert advice and service as well as a central London address for your registered office.


This article is provided for information purposes only and is of a general nature. Specific advice should always be obtained if you are in any doubt as to your legal responsibilities and no liability is accepted with respect to this article.


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