Common Types of Soft Tissue Injuries

soft tissueSoft tissue includes muscles, ligaments and tendons, and so soft tissue injuries occur when any of these suffer force, tearing, or inflammation. Suffering from a soft tissue injury is very common, especially for athletes or fitness enthusiasts.  Soft tissue injuries can also occur in the workplace though, particularly if a safe work environment isn’t properly maintained. Anyone who has suffered an injury to any of their soft tissues knows that they can be difficult and time consuming to heal. Read on for four of the most common types of soft tissue injuries, their symptoms, and how to treat them.

Minor Bruises or Contusions

A contusion is the most common kind of soft tissue injury. In fact, a contusion is just a fancy way of referring to a bruise. Contusions result from blunt force on the soft tissue, especially the muscle. These are very common in athletes, either from blunt force with sports equipment or from contact with other players. Contusions can also occur in the workplace from falls or from falling objects.

A contusion causes the skin to turn blue and feel tender as the soft tissue is bleeding. While it might be sore for a while, no extensive medical treatment is required. Simply ice the area to reduce any swelling.

Sprains: An Injury of Ligaments

Sprains are another one of the most common soft tissue injuries. A sprain is when a ligament, (which is a fibrous kind of connective tissue that stabilizes a joint), is completely or partially torn. Individuals will feel unbalanced if they have suffered from a sprain, and will feel a sharp pain in the area that has been injured. Sometimes the injured individual will hear a popping sound. Symptoms of sprains commonly include discoloration, inflammation, and immobility.

Individuals who have suffered a sprain need to avoid putting weight on the injury and rest it. The injured area should also be iced, elevated, and wrapped with a compression bandage.

Strains: An Injury of Tendons or Muscles

Sometimes individuals or young athletes have difficulty differentiating between a sprain and a strain. A strain has very similar symptoms to a sprain, these symptoms being pain, swelling, and discoloration. The difference is that a strain occurs when a tendon or muscle is partially or completely torn.

A strain should be treated like a sprain in that the injured area should be rested, iced, elevated and wrapped in a compression bandage. However, depending on the severity of the sprain, surgery might be required to repair damage with a strain.

Tendonitis: Common Injuries From Repetitive Actions

Tendonitis is another one of the most common soft tissue injuries suffered by athletes. Tendonitis is the inflammation of tendons, and it can become a chronic soft tissue injury. This is very common in athletes whose sports require repeated movements, like tennis, golf, running, and swimming. Heat, redness, and pain are all symptoms of tendonitis, and the injured area should be rested and iced. Surgical correction might also be needed in serious instances.

Soft tissue injuries are very common, but if not treated properly they can become chronic problems. Whatever kind of soft tissue injury you have, be sure to remember to RICE: Rest the affected area; Ice the area; Compress the injury; and Elevate the area to avoid further swelling.

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