Do I need a name plaque outside my registered office?

by Elemental CoSec on October 14, 2012

The Companies (Trading Disclosures) Regulations 2008 provide a number of requirements for the display of your company name at your registered office. The most important of these is that your company name must be legible and easily read with the naked eye.

The company name must be visible by those who visit the premises. Furthermore, it must be displayed continuously. If, however, your business is located in a building which is shared by six or more businesses, the name of the company must be displayed for fifteen seconds at least once in every three minutes. The use of a name plaque is therefore not completely necessary. A name could be displayed inside the building by reception so that visitors are able to read the name and know where your business is located. This therefore means that screens can be used for this purpose.

Often businesses are in fact located in a building with more than six businesses. Therefore, these larger offices can alternate the names of the businesses on an electronic display board in reception rather than positioning a number of plaques outside.

As well as your registered office, a company should display its name at all the locations at which it carries out its business. However, this is not the case if you are working from home using your home office because the regulations allow for privacy with regard to this.

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