“I want a mortgage and I want it now!”

by JamesBooker December 5, 2014 Construction and Engineering

We are in the midst of a crisis – a housing crisis. This is not new news. I may even be stating the obvious. I am a married woman in my mid-40s – when I split from my first husband I was fortunate enough to be housed in a housing association property which offered me, […]

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Will writing made not-so-easy

by JamesBooker November 27, 2014 Family Law

For many of us, thinking about making a Will smacks of the biggest show of pessimism known to man – because we all believe we are going to live forever so why should we plan for our death. And yet, in the back of most minds will be that little niggle about who would get […]

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Whiplash personal injury claims slashed following reform

by JamesBooker October 30, 2014 Accident Claims

Motoring personal injury claims have fallen by a third this year as changes to the claims process for whiplash have been enforced. It’s estimated that whiplash is one of the most common personal injury claims made by motorists, but many cases are believed to be made fraudulently as an easy money-making scam. The government has […]

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Insurers hoping for inequality

by JamesBooker October 9, 2014 Personal Injury

Since 2012 the Government has begun taking steps to reduce the toll wrought by fraud, whiplash and unscrupulous claims management companies. And perhaps this goes some way in explaining why motor insurance premiums have become more affordable, with prices dropping by 14 per cent at a time when inflation has been the watchword in just […]

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Matters handled by a family law firm

by JamesBooker January 9, 2014 Family Law

There are three distinct jurisdictions relating to matters of law in the United Kingdom – England and Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. The systems of family law are quite different from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, so when you are looking for a family law firm to represent you it is wise to ensure the solicitors working […]

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Man’s back injury at work caused during practical joke

by JamesBooker December 11, 2013 Accident Claims

Suffering a back injury at work can lead to an individual requiring time off to recuperate, and potentially mean that earnings are lost. It’s never pleasant getting injured, but it can be even more stressful if you also have to worry about financial issues while trying to get plenty of rest. Thankfully, if the injury […]

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Claiming compensation for a helicopter crash

by JamesBooker September 15, 2013 Military Law

Claiming compensation for a helicopter accident Helicopters have been used during countless military operations and are often prized for their ability to fulfil a number of different roles on the battlefield. For example, pilots can transport supplies, deliver soldiers to combat zones, or help evacuate wounded personnel to medical facilities. Moreover, helicopters are usually able […]

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Friday the 13th could be a busy time for personal injury solicitors

by JamesBooker May 1, 2013 Personal Injury

Even today, some people believe that certain omens bring bad luck. They may dread the sight of a single magpie, feel worried when a black cat crosses their path, avoid walking under ladders, or refrain from opening umbrellas indoors. Although these signs might be considered irrational, the findings of one British study suggest that superstitious […]

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Study suggests many Britons could claim compensation for medical negligence

by JamesBooker April 30, 2013 Clinical medical negligence

Dentists often provide a valuable service, helping us maintain oral hygiene and preventing us from suffering problems such as gum disease. However, despite these benefits, many of us do not enjoy visiting these professionals. According to the NHS, one in every four Britons could have a phobia of dentists. Therefore, approximately 25% of the population […]

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Claiming compensation for industrial noise-related hearing loss

by JamesBooker February 7, 2013 Personal Injury

Making a personal injury claim for hearing loss Many people believe that hearing loss is an unavoidable aspect of getting older, but this is not always true. According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), hundreds of people every year are diagnosed with noise-induced deafness after having worked in loud environments. Without suitable protection from […]

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