Claiming compensation for a helicopter crash

by JamesBooker on September 15, 2013

Claiming compensation for a helicopter accident

Helicopters have been used during countless military operations and are often prized for their ability to fulfil a number of different roles on the battlefield. For example, pilots can transport supplies, deliver soldiers to combat zones, or help evacuate wounded personnel to medical facilities.

Moreover, helicopters are usually able to provide support to ground forces. The Chinook, for instance, is reportedly able to operate in a wide variety of hostile environments and the RAF states it can be fitted with two M134 six-barrelled miniguns as well as an M60D machine gun on the cargo ramp.

Flying a helicopter is no simple matter and pilots need to demonstrate great skill in order to successfully complete this task. Unfortunately, even the slightest mistake can result in a helicopter crash – something which might have dire consequences.

However, those adversely affected during one of these incidents could be entitled to receive damages through an army compensation claims solicitor – and should contact one of these professionals to find out more information.

Accidents to blame for the majority of helicopter crashes within the U.S. military?

In 2011, media organisation USA Today published research which suggested that the majority of helicopter crashes within the United States military were caused by accidents.

According to the data, during the nine months leading up to the middle of September 2009, six helicopters had been shot down by enemy combatants. However, 23 had crashed due to reasons including mechanical faults, pilot error, or poor weather conditions.

These incidents, sadly, had tragic consequences. According to the organisation, 19 individuals had perished during the accidents – and one was a civilian. However, a spokesman for the United States military stated that, each year, pilots flew approximately 50,000 missions in Afghanistan. If accurate, this means helicopter crashes – although potentially serious – are relatively uncommon.

How a helicopter crash could result in compensation

Helicopter crashes can occur for a variety of reasons. For example, a pilot might have failed to carry out pre-flight checks, mechanics could have neglected to complete essential maintenance, or an electrical fault might cause a component to malfunction.

Yet, when another person’s negligence is responsible for this type of military accident, those adversely affected might be entitled to receive compensation through an army claims solicitor.




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