Man’s back injury at work caused during practical joke

Suffering a back injury at work can lead to an individual requiring time off to recuperate, and potentially mean that earnings are lost.

It’s never pleasant getting injured, but it can be even more stressful if you also have to worry about financial issues while trying to get plenty of rest.

Thankfully, if the injury you have suffered is not your fault, you might be able to contact a personal injury solicitor and claim compensation for the harm you have sustained.

This will be particularly important if you have been unfortunate enough to suffer a more severe spinal injury which means that you cannot return to work – and might not be able to work in any capacity ever again.

In these situations, not only is it arguably more important to receive remuneration from the liable party in order to be financially comfortable, but not having to worry about monetary problems is vital when an individual is trying to come to terms with life-changing injuries.

Sadly, many of the serious injuries suffered by people at work are wholly preventable. For example, in 2011, one man received compensation for a back injury at work which he had suffered as the target of a practical joke.

The 46-year-old factory worker was bending down to pick up a piece of equipment, when a co-worker decided to jump onto his back in a piggy-back style.

The man heard a popping sound in his back, and, suffering from severe pain, was told by medical professionals that he had been badly injured.

In order to try and fix the problem, he underwent surgery to remove a piece of his hip bone and insert it into his spine, but this did not solve his health issues.

After being absent from work for four years – being unable to return due to the symptoms of his back injury – he was made redundant. Furthermore, despite attempting to work in a charity shop for a period of time, he found the pain from his back was too much to deal with and had to leave the role.

This man’s back injury prematurely ended his career, and lowered the quality of his life, but at least he didn’t have to worry about financial problems after solicitors managed to prove his employers were liable for the incident.

Claims for compensation can be made in a large number of different cases. Slip and trip accidents, falls from height, and heavy lifting are all common causes of back injuries in the workplace.

Anyone who suffers a non-fault back injury at work could be entitled to remuneration. By contacting expert work accident solicitors they should be able to find out whether they have a valid and viable case.




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