7 Schemes that Scam the Mortgage Distressed

by terryduschinski September 18, 2013 Banking and Finance Law

On its road to recovery from the tailspin of the Great Recession, the United States housing market has become a playground for schemers and scammers. It is fertile soil for fraud. Mortgage shenanigans proliferate due to whealings and dealings of “industry insiders” — loan officers, mortgage brokers and appraisers — according to the FBI in […]

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Weigh your Foreclosure Defense Options Carefully

by litvinlawfirm June 15, 2013 Lawyers

The financial squeeze that’s left millions of Americans behind on their mortgage payments as they watch the values of their homes plummet doesn’t yet seem ready to let up. Many homeowners are weighing their options for foreclosure defense and considering whether it’s better to lose their home to foreclosure or file for bankruptcy protection. Two […]

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Considering Bankruptcy? These American Presidents Have Also Filed

by RyanD July 27, 2012 Banking and Finance Law

Credit problems are always a challenge.  At first, you try to get your finances back on track. But that gets more difficult as creditors begin to report late payments and collections. The phone rings from morning until night with collection agents either demanding immediate payment or making you feel guilty about the debt. It’s time […]

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Should you go for a Short Sale or Short Payoff?

by Penny Cooper April 26, 2012 Legal Aid

When you are not in a position to pay off the outstanding on your mortgage loan and your lender is beginning to hint at foreclosure, it is time to start exploring options that will help avoid this extreme step. If you have a trusted Florida foreclosure attorney this is the time to go to her […]

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