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The Australian Income Tax General Anti-Avoidance Rule May be Reformed Soon

by Penny Cooper November 26, 2012 Tax Law

The Australian government on a press release in march this year suggested that it was considering to ammend Part – IVA of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936 (GAAR) to counter technical deficiencies. Earlier, on 16th of this month, the explanatory memorandum and the exposure draft issued by the Assistant Treasurer proposed changes to the […]

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The Role of Criminal Defense Lawyers

by Penny Cooper October 3, 2012 Criminal Defence Lawyers

Being charged of robbery when the accused is not at fault can be a harrowing and traumatic experience. This is where a criminal attorney emerges out to offer help. Criminal law is a successful and a rewarding career option that provides you with a lot of challenges and opportunities to move further. There are many […]

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Important Information for Pursuing a Law Career

by Penny Cooper September 27, 2012 Law

Students are often enrolled into law schools before they even have a clear understanding of the profession. The title attracts many students and they decide to carry on with law studies without having a proper idea of what the career is all about. Before you decide to become a lawyer, you must assess your qualities […]

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Information Regarding Medical Malpractice Laws

by Penny Cooper September 27, 2012 Law

Medical laws are established to protect the interests of patients, doctors and hospitals alike. It is important for all medical institutions to abide by these laws, as failure to do so will result in unnecessary trouble. Hospitals and other medical organisations must ensure the use of proper equipment and must also have all the facilities […]

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Importance of Following Safety Laws at a Work Place

by Penny Cooper September 27, 2012 General Law

While it may be the responsibility of the employer to ensure an optimum working environment for his/her staff, the employees are also expected to keep an eye on the safety of the workplace and look out for one another in order to reduce risks of accidents. Duties of the employee As an employee of an […]

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Career Opportunities in the Legal Industry

by Penny Cooper September 27, 2012 Guest legal blogging

The legal sector has grown into one of the most promising in terms of competition and pay. While a job in the industry requires hard work and intense study, benefits of becoming an attorney or a paralegal are huge. Students who would like to embark of a career in law must possess good reading, writing, […]

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Avoid Common Legal Mistakes in Forex Trading

by Penny Cooper September 7, 2012 Banking

Forex trading is a risky business where a lot of money changes hands. Also as international currencies are involved; laws, rules and regulations are not always clear and precise. To counter these vulnerabilities most governments have placed stringent rules and regulations when it comes to foreign exchange trading. Forex regulations are controlled and monitored by […]

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What to Expect from Your Lawyer?

by Penny Cooper May 18, 2012 General Law

Legal aid, whenever required, must be of the top quality. It is a very serious business with consequences that can be quite severe if the counsel you get is not appropriate. Choosing a lawyer is like choosing food. You instantly hit it off with some lawyers but with others, you don’t. However, there are a […]

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How to Select the Right Criminal Lawyer

by Penny Cooper May 1, 2012 Law

Despite being innocent, you may find yourself in legal trouble. Accidental acts of criminal behalves can get you in trouble but with the right lawyer, you can evade severe punishments like jail time, steep fines and probations. However, finding the right criminal defense lawyer can be challenging. It is important to find an attorney who understands your situation and […]

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Should you go for a Short Sale or Short Payoff?

by Penny Cooper April 26, 2012 Legal Aid

When you are not in a position to pay off the outstanding on your mortgage loan and your lender is beginning to hint at foreclosure, it is time to start exploring options that will help avoid this extreme step. If you have a trusted Florida foreclosure attorney this is the time to go to her […]

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