Choosing Your Chicago Estate Planning Lawyer

by Marc Bluementhal on May 4, 2013

Planning your estate may not be the most favorite thing on your “to-do” list, but if you have not yet met with a great Chicago lawyer, it is probably time to make plans to get that one thing off the list.

Obviously, the first step is choosing an Estate Planning Attorney Chicago who has enough experience and skill to give you the exact results desired. After all, not all estate planning is alike. There are married couples and unmarried couples who have to work together for estate planning. There are people who own businesses and who have to take them into consideration when doing estate planning. There are also many other kinds of estate planning needs, including things such as trusts or wills as well. This is why it takes an experienced estate planning lawyer in Chicago to give each of these different situations the results desired.

Understanding Your Needs and Your Chicago Estate Planning Lawyer

While you might take a look at your life and think that you have a very simple estate, it may not be the case. For instance, let’s say you are a single person without any children. This might seem like you might have to work with your Chicago estate planning lawyer to choose an heir and decide what to do with the home you own. However, you also have a small business, financial investments, a few insurance policies, and more to consider.

This means that you are not as simple as it might seem where estate planning is concerned. This is why sitting down for an initial consultation with a estate planning lawyer in Chicago is a wise idea.

They can take you through all of the finer details and explain what assets or issues your estate might include, and how to best handle them.

Why You Need a Chicago Estate Planning Lawyer

Of course, you may actually be as simple as you believe, where the estate is concerned, but that does not mean you have no needs where an attorney is concerned. After all, you still have some assets and financial issues to keep in mind. For example, let’s say you are that same single person without kids. Let’s also say that you have a rental apartment, and you keep modest furnishings and material goods. Do you have an estate? Maybe not, but you definitely need to make a will to help determine what is done with your goods after your passing.

You may even want to consider things like a power of attorney in case of a disabling illness, etc.

Get a Chicago Estate Planning Lawyer Today

A good Chicago estate planning lawyer can review your situation and work with you to develop the appropriate plans. There really are no “simple” situations where estates and wills are concerned. Almost everyone will have assets and legal issues that exist even after they have passed away. These are matters that can be resolved long before that moment, and it takes a skilled and knowledgeable estate attorney to guide you towards all of the finest choices.

If you need help with Estate Planning Attorney Chicago, you can contact the law offices of Marc J. Blumenthal at 847-808-7090.

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