Ways to Select an Injury Lawyer

by texastriallawyers on May 4, 2013

Most people who have been in a very serious accident have not needed to hire an attorney before and are not familiar with the claims management or  the lawsuit process. The more serious the injury the more important the selection for an attorney to help you protect your financial interests.


One of the main factors that people should use in selecting the personal injury attorney is the experience and the track record of the law firm or the attorney you choose. Some attorneys have developed a reputation and a track record in specific areas of practice such as product liability or even trucking accident


Attorneys who handle many different areas of law can be very effective and most are probably excellent attorneys. It is very difficult for a lawyer or law firm to be the Jack of all trades in the legal arena. If you can, interview an attorney who handles nothing but personal injury cases.


a) Who really will handle the case

It is important that you interview the attorney you are considering and ask some important questions such as who will be handling my case? If you do not get a straight answer, consider interviewing other law firms. It does no good to select the leader in the industry if an associate attorney with much less experience is going to handle your case.

b) When was the last trial with this type of case?

Ask about the experience of the attorney with the specific type of case that you have. For instance, if you’ve been injured in a commercial vehicle accident involving an 18 wheeler asked the attorney when is the last 18 wheeler accident case that they tried to verdict, and what was the result?


Reviews can be very helpful in selecting a personal injury attorney. Caution should be used in making sure you’re getting an accurate review and not something else. Extreme caution should be used when looking at various rating agencies or “awards” that may  make the attorney look like they are extremely proficient, when the  award or designation is based upon a financial relationship with the issuing company. Despite assurances to the contrary, some prestigious sounding organizations and designations are really not “earned”. Another approach is to obtain the name of former clients of the law firm whose case has been resolved recently. They should be in a very good position I’ve given you an unvarnished and straight up opinion.


The credibility of the attorney that you choose to help you through a difficult time such as after a serious accident is extremely important for the value of your case, moreover your own peace of mind. Before you hire any attorney to help you on a contingency basis make sure you have a good feeling about that attorney and you trust them. If you do not trust the attorney that you are thinking of retaining, hire another attorney.

Just as it is important that you trust the doctor you select to treat you for an injury or illness, trusting your attorney is vital to a positive experience.  Personal injury lawsuits can sometimes drag out for years and it is important that you have an open and candid relationship with the attorney helping you through the lawsuit. If you do not get along with your attorney, distress of a lawsuit becomes greater than necessary.


In some personal injury cases it is important that the personal-injury victim or the victim’s family retain an attorney as soon as possible after the accident. Critical evidence can disappear or be destroyed and often fast action is required to preserve important evidence and document critical facts. Not only should the family choose a lawyer who is experienced and capable, but also one who is available at that time to do the legwork necessary to preserve the evidence and obtained the necessary facts.


if you’re talking to more than one attorney about the possibility of representing you in a serious injury accident, compare their qualifications, their experience, the results they achieved  in accident cases such as yours and whether they enjoy a reputation in the specific niche area of practice you need. Personal injury attorneys much like doctors tend to specialize in certain types of cases and therefore become extremely proficient with that type of case.

Choosing an injury attorney can often seem like a insurmountable process but with a little research and homework you can make an informed decision to select the best injury attorney to protect your financial interests.




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