Modern Technologies and car accident risk

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ on October 29, 2010

Modern technology is there to make our lives easier, let us get to our destination faster and be safer. Same is true when it comes to car accident prevention. One of technological achievements in the field is Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), which provide autonomous geo-spatial positioning with global coverage.

Modern route planning equipment allows drivers to simply enter the postcode of the place he or she wishes to go to and the navigation system will offer you the quickest, fastest and most convenient route to get there. Quickest, fastest, most convenient- undoubtedly, but is it always the safest route to take and will it help us avoid car accident from occurring?

It may well be the case that a driver has chosen to go to the rural parts of the country for a holiday trip and would chose to use GNSS to determine which route to take. The problem is that it may suggest you to take the quickest route there, but it may also well be that this route involves taking narrow and dangerous paths and roads which can increase the risk for a car accident.

It is important, therefore, to always have an actual map with you in the car, to see what sort of roads you are taking and how safe the route is for you to minimize the risk of a car accident.

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