Road debris and car accidents

by Legal Author on November 1, 2010

Road debris is a type of a road hazard and can contribute to risk of a car accident. It can include substances, materials and objects that are foreign to every-day road environment (dirt, asphalt, stones, ice, litter, auto parts and such). In areas with mountains and hill, like the Highland areas of Scotland, rocks are the type of debris the drivers should be most aware of and modify their driving conduct as they drive through these areas. Furthermore, debris can be also caused by natural disasters, weather, wind, storms, etc.

The most common way for debris to contribute to a car accident is to make driver lose control over his car. The harm debris can do depends mostly on its size; however, even small sized debris can cause distraction and cause a car accident.

Debris can also be launched by the tyres of a car into the windshield of another vehicle or if it is particularly large, they can make the driver break suddenly and in this way increase the risk for a car accident to occur.

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