Car Accidents in Scotland involving Deer

by Legal Author on October 26, 2010

Car accidents caused by deer present a major problem in Europe and in the UK.  There are over one million deer in the UK and every year there are approximately 3000 deer collision car accidents, injuring 20 people and causing more than £10 million in damages.

If you live in rural parts of Scotland, it is likely that the area is relatively heavily populated by deer. In order to reduce the risk of a car accident it is important to remember a few key points concerning deer and their behaviour.

The Deer Collisions Project advises drivers not to over swerve in order to avoid hitting a deer. If it is inevitable to hit the animal, it should be done while maintaining full control of the car, so that you would avoid hitting other cars. Furthermore, you should pay attention to warning signs and remember deer are most active at night and in the period from October to December, followed by May.

Also, it is important to remember that more deer can cross the road, following the ones you have noticed. In addition, it is advisable to use full-beams, when there is no opposing traffic, so that the eyes of the deer are illuminated and can give you more reaction time.

However, once you have noticed the animal, dim your headlights, because the deer can be startled by the light and may freeze and not leave the road.  Finally, break sharply and stop the car only if there are no other cars on the road.

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