Contract Law- the seductress.

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ on November 8, 2010

(Legal blog post by a law student in the UK) When I found out that in my second year of A-level law I would be learning just Contract Law it was safe to say that I was not impressed. “How dull..” I recall muttering to a friend as it was quite a stark contrast to the Police Powers and Criminal Justice System we’d studied in the previous year. What was there to giggle about in Contract law?! There was no intimate searches.. no poking each other and then claiming it was Actual Bodily Harm.. no..anything.

I was not looking forward to September.. as every day doing nothing seemed to fly by, at a speed only rivalled by a supersonic jet, I dreaded the first lesson. I feared I would fall asleep, I feared my mind would wander to something else, I just in general feared it, I suppose. However, much to my elation, the first lesson was surprisingly interesting. I seemed to be somewhat good at Offer and Acceptance… aced a Consideration essay.. enjoyed the mooting on Legal Intent.. Slowly and surely my “Nutcases” contract law case book was becoming a best friend… This was worrying.

At the point where you are so enthralled with something you talk aimlessly to the spotty teenage cashier at the supermarket about how he is actually making a contract with you, and he looks at you with a look of pure fear, you know you’re going slightly mad.

The same can be said about the time you took said book to the pub, or the time you fell asleep with it lovingly held against your chest, and woke up with a highlighted cleavage to prove it….

Or what about the time you blew your friends off, because you were studying? You were promised an evening of “getting trashed” ..”the best night ever..” but no, Contract Law was much more satisfying.

I believe Contract Law is a seductress. It knows how to make you work hard, sometimes for minimal reward. It lures you into spending evening alone with it, it wants you to love it but also plays hard to get…

This is why I like Contact Law 🙂

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