Airbag injuries in car accidents

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ on November 9, 2010

An airbag is a safety device which is supposed to protect us in a case of a car accident, yet it can cause injuries, usually relatively mild, but in some occassions the injuries may be quite severe.

Activated air bags can inflict severe eye injuries, including blindness, even in minor car accidents. Other injuries include abrasion of the skin, hearing damage caused by the deployment explosion, head injuries, broken nose, fingers, hands or arms can occur as the airbag deploys.

Furthermore, there is a risk of thermal burns, as the hot gas that allows the required pressure to be obtained with a smaller mount of gas than would normally be necessary when using lower tempretures. If, however, the airbag is faulty and the gas comes into contact with the passenger of the car, it can cause a thermal burn which may be quite deep and be listed as second-degree burns.

Serious injuries caused by airbags are less common, yet they can occur if the passengers of the car are very near the airbag when it deploys.

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