Bicycle Accidents

by Legal Author on November 5, 2010

Bicycle accidents are very common and can be caused by dangerous conduct of both cyclists as well as drivers.

For car drivers, it is important to consider several facts in relation to cyclists in order to avoid car accidents. First of all, dangerous turning should be avoided- when taking an impatient turn, the driver may either cut off cyclist’s path or knock him or her over. Furthermore, dangerous passing (when not enough space is given to the bicycle) can cause a car accident as well, as can disregard of bike paths, overestimating braking ability of the bikes or underestimating bicycle speed. Drivers should also remember that cyclists are extremely vulnerable to injuries.

On the other hand, the cyclists often ignore traffic signals, which can lead to car accidents and injuries. Also, they must take extra care when passing a line of stopped cars and ride at the safe speed in order to minimise risk for collisions and car accidents.

It is common for drivers to look at cyclists as plain annoying obstacles, while cyclists often see cars as ‘thinking road belongs to them alone’. However, it is important for both parts to respect each others presence on the road to avoid accidents and injuries.

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