Legal Marketing Tips – What Can Solicitors Update Their Clients About?

by emmadigirank on January 8, 2013

Communication between a solicitor and a client is vital, both for building relationships and encouraging future business. Solicitors should communicate with their clients at least once a fortnight, or if you can stretch to once a week, even better. With long days and busy schedules, communicating with existing clients often comes at the bottom of the ‘to-do’ list, especially if solicitors cannot think of anything interesting to update their clients about.

This article aims to inspire solicitors on what to inform clients about which will benefit both the solicitor and the client.

Legal Updates

Inform clients about any recent changes in the law. You may want to prepare a report explaining the changes and send it out to all clients, or just those who will be affected by the changes.

Press Releases

Good press coverage should be reported to your clients. The coverage will not only impress your clients but it may also impress their friends, especially if they pass on your success. A good press release is a great way to win you more clients.

Case Studies

Similar to press releases, if your firm has had a great result, you should prepare a portfolio of case studies and send them to your clients via post or email.


Newsletters can include many different topics and a range of content. Solicitors need to use the newsletter as a form of communicating what they think their clients would like to know. To engage an audience, offer one line promotions for example ‘15% off Wills this month only.’

Once the reader is engaged, include interesting legal developments or topical stories. Link each article or story to your website, encouraging clients to interact with your site.

Newsletters should be about the client, so all content must benefit the client in some way.

Open Days

Introduce yourself to clients by asking them to attend an open day. Whether it is networking event, or a charity event, ensure the meeting is adorned with your brochures, leaflets, press releases etc and that plenty of your staff is available to mingle.

Offer other services

Solicitors rarely seem to make offers to their clients, but they should. If a client has been particularly loyal to you and your firm, make them an interesting offer. You could give them a special price or additional services. Giving a little will go a long way; it will let your clients know how much you appreciate them which will encourage them to stay with you in the future.

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