Sterilisation Failure Claim

by emmadigirank April 11, 2013 Clinical medical negligence

Deciding to undergo a female sterilisation is not a decision to be made lightly as it is considered to be a permanent method of contraception. It is something that requires a lot of thought, and if you do choose to go ahead with the procedure, you should feel comfortable with the fact that your family […]

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Training Dos & Don’ts – Get the most from your training session

by emmadigirank March 2, 2013 Law firm management

There’s plenty of advice available to CEOs and business owners on how to ensure that they provide the best training sessions for their employees. However, there’s not so much resource material available for the employees themselves which, considering you are the people attending, seems a little unfair. If you are attending personal injury training, there […]

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Recovering Money Lost Because of Whiplash

by emmadigirank February 22, 2013 Personal Injury

Whiplash can be an extremely restrictive injury and many will find it difficult to carry out normal day to day tasks such as housework, looking after the children and even working. However, all this can take its toll financially, particularly if the person in question is not entitled to statutory sick pay. How to recover […]

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How Does Personal Injury Training Benefit Your Clients?

by emmadigirank February 18, 2013 Law firm management

There is plenty of resource material available for solicitors and legal firms detailing how additional personal injury training can benefit the workforce. Factors such as cohesion, teamwork and even employee loyalty are widely recognised as some of the advantages enjoyed by those who invest in legal training of this sort. However, what it does fail […]

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What disputes does family mediation resolve?

by emmadigirank January 31, 2013 Divorce

Family mediation helps both parties have the power to take responsibility for their own lives, rather than handing issues over to the authorities to resolve. Family mediation can help solve a variety of family disputes, such as custody and visitation, child support and other family issues. Custody and Visitation Divorce or separation can be a […]

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Legal Marketing Tips – What Can Solicitors Update Their Clients About?

by emmadigirank January 8, 2013 Law firm marketing

Communication between a solicitor and a client is vital, both for building relationships and encouraging future business. Solicitors should communicate with their clients at least once a fortnight, or if you can stretch to once a week, even better. With long days and busy schedules, communicating with existing clients often comes at the bottom of […]

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Tips for Writing a Will

by emmadigirank October 16, 2012 Wills

Don’t leave it until the last minute Solicitors recommend people to write a will as soon as possible. Although you may not want to consider your own death in the early stages of your life, without writing a will risks leaving your family’s inheritance and estate in the wrong hands.  Many people are unaware that wills […]

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Are You A Victim Of Unfair Dismissal?

by emmadigirank June 29, 2012 Employment Law

Unfair dismissal is the term used when an employee has their employment terminated without having been given a fair reason for the dismissal. Employers are given the right to dismiss employees if they breech company policy, steal or are not performing well for example, however employers cannot simply dismiss  an employee without a valid reason. […]

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Whiplash From Rear Impact Collisions

by emmadigirank June 14, 2012 Accident Claims

Rear impact collisions are a common cause of whiplash and regularly lead to a successful compensation claim for the injured party. In this article we take a closer look at rear end shunts, explaining how such an accident can damage your health and suggesting you can do about claiming compensation for your injuries. How does […]

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