Rising Drug Costs: Myth or Reality?


The cost of prescription drugs seems to be on a never-ending climb. Newspaper articles commonly discuss the plights of patients who need life-saving drugs but opt not to take them because of the extra expense. In this erratic economy, many people struggle to put food on the table, let alone pay for the drugs to keep them healthy.

Last week, the ScienceDaily website referenced an occasion where a program at Boston University performed a follow-up study in which they compared the cost of prescription drugs in the United Kingdom and United States. The study began in 2005 and ran through 2009. When looking at drugs that are meant to lower cholesterol, for example, Americans paid over three times as much as residents of the United Kingdom, but received the same drugs Although you can’t necessarily change your country of residence without a lot of red tape, there are few things you can do if you feel that you’re paying too much for prescription drugs.

Be a Proactive Patient

You’re probably familiar with the suggestion to ask your doctor for more information about a new prescription drug after seeing an advertisement for it on television. When seeking help for very personal problem, such as a reduced sex drive or trouble achieving an erection, it’s understandable that you might feel a bit shy about divulging information to your doctor. Rest assured that they are professionals, and bound to principles of confidentiality. While you’re in the middle of discussing whether a medication is right for you, it’s also necessary to delve into the topic of how much the drug will cost. Asking to see if the drug is generally covered by insurance plans is certainly a good start. You can also visit the website of the drug that you’re interested in and see if they offer free samples, or coupons for a certain percentage off. Pharmaceutical companies generally realize that cost is a great concern for patients of all backgrounds, and will generally do what they can make medications available to those who need them.

Turn to the Internet

As a generation that’s heavily tethered to technology, many of us use the Internet to get our daily news, keep in touch with loved ones and even find coupons for the things we buy most often. Now, the Internet is also a possibility for buying prescription drugs at a discounted price. However, it’s important to trust the company that you’re dealing with, and be aware that some companies may try to sell knockoff drugs that either are not effective, or perhaps even dangerous.

To keep yourself safe, insist on doing business with companies that pledge to provide customers with drugs that are approved by the FDA, and will not dispense medications to you without a prescription from your own doctor or a physician that they are associated with. You may also be able to save money by buying your medication in bulk from an online pharmacy. Be aware that all drugs have an expiration date, and once it has passed, you likely won’t have any adverse effects, but the potency will be reduced.

The statistics mentioned earlier in this post suggest that increased prescription drug costs are much more than a figment of your imagination. However, with the above tips, you can start to fight back against the trend of rising prescription drug costs, simply by being more aware of your options.

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