Obey Traffic Regulations Attached with IID in Order to Avoid Arrest

by lawfirm on January 4, 2013

In Miami offenses of traffic violations are categorized as both felonies and misdemeanors. Though a good number of cases are treated as civil infringement, there are times where traffic violations result in criminal cases.

If convicted of Driving under the Influence (DUI) charge in Miami punishment can include prison time, suspension of driving license, court fees and an alcohol education. It will be mandatory to install an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) in the car. This device is installed near the driver’s seat and it is connected to engine’s ignition system. When the driver blows into the device’s mouthpiece it will calculate concentration of alcohol in driver’s breath. If this concentration exceeds .05, IID will restrict the vehicle from starting.

Miami laws make it compulsory to install IID in a vehicle if the individual is charged with DUI under following circumstances:

In case of first conviction, the court may order to install IID if the alcohol concentration as measured in breath analyzer is 0.15 or more; or there was a minor of minimum 6 months present in the car. Court may order to install the system even if the minor is of 5years.

Consequences for not installing IID

If your DUI sentence make it mandate to install IID in vehicle, there is hardly any option not to install the same. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles will not restore your driver’s license until you fix IID in your vehicle. On reinstating your driving privileges, your renewed license will have a “P” mentioned on the front. Even after that if you are found to be operating your vehicle without IID system, this will be treated as a criminal offence and you can be immediately arrested for such an act. Your car can also be confiscated for similar reason.

It is considered as an illegal activity to fiddle with the IID. If you ask someone else to blow into the IID in your place or do the same for other person with IID restriction it will be regarded as against law. Lending your vehicle without IID to person having IID restriction is also an offence.

Drivers usually try to avoid IID as it involves extreme inconvenience. It is also expensive to install and maintain an IID.

As the possible consequences attach with DUI convictions are serious, it will be safe to seek legal representation from the beginning. An experienced Miami criminal attorney may help you to avoid much of these dreaded results.

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