Alimony Determination – What Every Divorcing Couple Should Know

by lawfirm on August 16, 2013

Alimony or spousal support is a familiar factor. This comes with the complication of divorce. Alimony is one of the important elements of divorce that you need to deal with. This is the amount of money that is paid to the lesser earning spouse by the one who earns more.

The concept of marriage is changing. We cannot deny the fact that the marriages of this era are different from the ones in the past. Decades ago when a woman tied the knot, she gave up employment and devote all her time to the household. Such a woman had been dependent solely on her husband. If the marriage broke the woman did not have any means to earn her living. In this situation alimony becomes a necessity. However, this concept is changing with time. Now, when a woman gets married she does not leave her job.

Today’s women are well capable of earning their own money and make their own living. This is the reason the concept of alimony is getting obsolete with time. Many arguments are rising concerning the spousal support. People are arguing that spousal support is not required. Yet, it is wrong to think that only women benefit from this law. Men also ask for spousal support at the time divorce.

If you are contemplating divorce, you need to think of everything. You need to think of the alimony and gather information about this. If there is such an issue to deal with you should hire a family law lawyer in Miami. Your lawyer will tell you about the alimony law.

Permanent alimony is becoming an obsolete idea. The court does not award permanent spousal support any longer. However, you can get temporary alimony. If you are wondering how to calculate the amount of spousal support, you can seek help from a lawyer. It is not easy to say. The calculation depends on different elements.

The duration of your marriage is the first thing that the judge will consider. In case, the duration is long, you will be awarded with a hefty amount of money. The duration of the money paid will be long as well. In case of a short marriage, the alimony awarded will be small and the judge may decide to award it until you get a job and become capable of earning your own money once again.

Health of the spouse will be considered as health whether or not the spouse will be able to earn a decent living working.

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