Find out Your Court Records for Bankruptcy in Florida

by lawfirm on August 11, 2013

Bankruptcy court records are public records available for anybody to inspect not just bankruptcy lawyers. Bankruptcy courts in Florida make their court cases available by electronic means for online review and download. Nevertheless the electronic access system called PACER is designed for the sake of legal professionals. It is not user friendly for the use of the general public but almost everybody is able to access the bankruptcy court records of Florida for business as well as for personal insolvencies. The insolvency records are easily obtained if you are not the company or the person who have filed the case. Obtaining insolvency record costs a small amount of money but it is usually done on the same day as per the method of data collection chosen by the person looking for the information.

Let’s check out the process of obtaining court records for bankruptcy:

Go to the PACER website

Go to the website of the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) for obtaining the quickest bankruptcy records. Register yourself with the website and follow the instructions in order to look for your desired insolvency data. The process of registration is partly handled by mail. Allow at least 10 days for completing the process.  In order to pay for the records, you will only need a debit or a credit card and the process of registration only requires submitting the name and the address.

Visit the local insolvency courthouse

Visit your local insolvency courthouse and make the request to see records about the company or the person you want to learn about.  You may have to pay a small charge for researching as well as copying the records. The court makes use of PACER as a case management system for providing public access to insolvency cases throughout the state of Florida and somewhere else in the nation. Select on the ‘Case Information’ from the menu in order to access the PACER log-in. Log in to PACER with the user name and password you have received with your registration package.

Search for the case you want

Look for the insolvency case you want. You should enter the name of the insolvent person or the business in the PACER search box for identifying your case. In order to see the full details of the case, click on the case number. PACER offers summary information to the case. However there is a certain charge per page for viewing or downloading any document.

If you are stuck with any problem with insolvency in Florida, contact one of the proficient Florida bankruptcy lawyers and solve your problem with ease.

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