Starbucks Slip Results in Large Payout

by jiffee January 8, 2014 Accident Claims

A woman who recently made a trip to Starbucks slipped on an area of floor where it was very greasy. She had alerted employees to this and they failed to clean up the area in order to make it safer for individuals in the store. Because of this, she slipped on the floor and her […]

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Will Lehman Brothers Compensate Australian Churches, Charities and Local Governmental Councils?

by jiffee July 2, 2013 Commercial Law

Ever since the financial collapse of 2008, investors from around the world have attempted to recoup their investments from American banks and financial entities. Lehman Brothers is just one example of many financial firms that failed in 2008, and it has had to deal with the aftermath of this failure. Part of this aftermath has […]

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Liquidation Order for Controversial Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

by jiffee May 30, 2013 Company Law

The High Court recently ordered the liquidation of the Harley Medical Group, which had operated in Ireland since 1999. The company, which owed over 450,000 euros, requested liquidation and the appointment of a liquidator because it was insolvent and could not repay its debt. Justice Laffoy agreed that the company was insolvent and announced Stephen […]

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Illinois Says No To Online Horse Betting

by jiffee January 28, 2013 Gambling Laws

Don’t Bet On It Although Illinois made almost 2 million in taxes from advanced deposit wagering or online horse betting, the state has yet to renew the law allowing such betting. This leaves four firms without the necessary licensing from the racing board to run their online horse betting sites. Whether this was intentional is […]

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Victoria Leading The Way To Set Limits On Pokies

by jiffee December 20, 2012 Gambling Laws

Any Victorian gaming establishment featuring video poker machines will soon need to upgrading their machines to conform with federal laws. Owners will have to install a new limiting technology that gives players a chance to set a hard limit on how much money they can lose in one session. This simple but powerful upgrade is […]

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Online Poker to Become Legal in Australia, Other Forms of Gambling May Follow Suit

by jiffee June 11, 2012 Gambling Laws

New talks in Australia by legislators may see online poker legalised in the country this year. Depending on how successful this program is, other online gambling activities such as blackjack, roulette and pokies may also become legal within Australia. The proposals that have been discussed at the end of May this year include plans to […]

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