Starbucks Slip Results in Large Payout

by jiffee on January 8, 2014

starbucks legal claim personal injuryA woman who recently made a trip to Starbucks slipped on an area of floor where it was very greasy. She had alerted employees to this and they failed to clean up the area in order to make it safer for individuals in the store. Because of this, she slipped on the floor and her personal injury lawyer was able to get her the compensation that she deserved. More and more stores and agencies around the world are taking precautions in terms of creating a safe environment for their customers on a routine basis.

How Something Small Can Turn Into Something Big

While the grease spill on the floor in Starbucks was probably not seen as something horrible to its employees, the spill itself was very dangerous for individuals who were walking into the shop that day. Many employees do not see how dangerous something like this can be because they often have to work in areas where spills are common. However, most employees who work in kitchen-like areas also have to wear slip-resistant shoes and their customers do not have this luxury when walking into the store.

Something as small as a grease spill on the floor can easily become a problem for patrons who might be walking on it. If there is not a sign that alerts of a slippery surface, this is not alerting the patrons of the store to be careful. They may not be looking at the floor and they can easily walk onto the spill and slip without any problem. This is something that is a huge issue for the store itself because a lawsuit can be brought up against the establishment if proper protocol was not put into place by its many employees who were working there at that time.

How a Lawsuit Can Surface

When someone slips and hurts themselves in a store, it is easy for them to hire a personal injury lawyer who will be able to help them win the case. In many cases, the patrons of the store will win their case because proper protocol was not used by the store’s workers. If there was not a sign on the floor that alerted the patrons that the floor was slippery, this can be used against the store and it could easily lose the suit that has been brought up against them.

Also, because Starbucks employees’ were alerted that there was a spill on the floor and they failed to clean it up, this could easily be used against them in a court of law. This is something that all stores and businesses need to remember when it comes to their many customers. The areas where customers can go need to be kept safe at all times so that they will be able to walk around without slipping, falling and hurting themselves. Compensation can mean thousands or even millions of dollars for a business and this can be a major problem if the business happens to be family owned and operated. Be sure to take precautions at all times if you are a business owner and always listen to your customers if they alert you that the floor in your store is slippery and that they almost fell and hurt themselves when walking on it.

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