What Effect Does Income Tax Have On The Growth Of The U.S. Economy?

by CherrellT June 16, 2012 Tax Law

In the current economy, income tax cuts seem to make great sense. Although Presidents have little genuine influence on the American economy, nevertheless, economic policies and plans will dominate discussion in the 2012 Presidential election. Democrats inevitably will advocate tax increases on wealthy Americans, and they will propose a variety of government-funded initiatives to “jump-start […]

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Contractors vs. Employees: Where Does Homeowner Liability Lie?

by CherrellT June 7, 2012 Blawg

Hiring people to do work around the house is a smart move. You can choose experienced people to ensure that the completed job is of the highest quality, and you won’t have to work up a sweat doing the heavy labor yourself. However, you must be careful about the legal relationship between you and the […]

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Solving Problems: The Benefits of a Joint Law and Health Care Degree

by CherrellT June 5, 2012 Law Blog

If your head wasn’t already spinning fast enough from the political, economic and cultural changes shaking the world today, consider one of the newest post-graduate education options offered by an increasing number of American institutions of higher education. Known as a joint JD and Masters of Health Services Administration degree, it’s basically a mash-up of […]

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How A Life Insurance Attorney Can Help Guide You Through A Loss

by CherrellT June 1, 2012 Law Blog

For many people, navigating their way through a life insurance claim after a loss presents very little hassle. For others, problems arise that add stress to an already tragic situation. While everyone can benefit from the guidance of a life insurance attorney, it is the people who run into problems that will benefit the most. […]

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Document Management for Lawyers

by CherrellT May 24, 2012 Law firm management

Lawyers’ offices used to be well known for the rows of books on the shelves and the voluminous file cabinets which housed client documents. Since the advent of the digital age, however, many firms have moved much of their paper online in the form of digital documents. While some documents will always be required to […]

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How Has The Internet Changed The Way We View Legal Ethics?

by CherrellT April 27, 2012 Law Blog

While the advent of the Internet has been a boon for businesses in most industries, the legal profession has been forced to approach the online world with a great deal of caution. The Internet has proven itself to be a vast source of liability, a landscape filled with endless pitfalls for practitioners of the law, […]

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5 Marketing Strategies To Help Drive Your Practice

by CherrellT April 6, 2012 Law Blog

Small law firms and attorneys who decide on hanging a shingle are no different from any other small business in the sense that their success will strongly depend on their marketing efforts. The marketing approach that must be taken by the legal community, however, differs from most other small businesses. Here are five marketing strategies […]

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The Internet Sales Tax Controversy: What is Fair?

by CherrellT March 29, 2012 Law Blog

Ever since the so-called “Amazon laws” shined the spotlight on ecommerce providers and online retailers, the subject of Internet sales tax fairness has taken center stage. On one hand there are the proponents of state and federal laws that would mandate the collection and remittance of taxes on virtually every online retail sales transaction. On […]

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Top 10 Law Schools To Consider In The U.S.

by CherrellT March 29, 2012 Law Blog

Prospective law students who wish to study in the United States should not have to worry too much about choosing the right law school. For those looking for the best quality in legal education, the annual list of the top ten law schools published by the U.S. News & World Report is a good place […]

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Lines of Credit – A Law Firm Necessity

by CherrellT March 22, 2012 Law Blog

Every law firm’s operating funds are in a consistent flux.  Much of the time lawyers are put in the position of fronting monies to expert witnesses, advancing payments for personal injury cases and a myriad of other expenses – contrary to popular belief, legal firms aren’t rolling in riches.  With a cash flow largely dependent […]

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