What Questions Should I Ask Before Choosing My Law Specialty?

by CherrellT March 12, 2012 Law Blog

What type of law should I specialize in? This is a question that crosses the minds of many college graduates and law school hopefuls when as the get closer to graduation. The same question often lingers even after taking on an internship at a law firm, or a judicial clerkship at a public institution. For […]

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5 Steps To Make Your Law Practice A Success!

by CherrellT February 23, 2012 Law Blog

For all the quality instruction and education that modern law schools provide these days, when it comes to teaching prospective attorneys the tools necessary to build a successful practice, faculties are falling ruefully short. Major law firms, insurance companies, and large corporations who recruit interns and junior attorneys right out of law school aren’t generally […]

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5 Ways to Reduce Your Law School Debt

by CherrellT February 13, 2012 General Law

Law school graduates have a lot to worry about these days. The job market is tight, many facets of legal work are being outsourced, competition in the professional field is high, and the economy is in the doldrums. Such are the facts of modern life for many professionals, but the sheer amount of debt that […]

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How the Web Is Changing the Practice of Law

by CherrellT February 10, 2012 Law Blog

Just like with many other professions and disciplines that require intellectual engagement, the legal profession has been transformed by the World Wide Web and other advances in Internet technology. One of the influential aspects of the Information Age seems to be the ability of the Internet to advance the construct of a global village by […]

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Why You Should Specialize in Corporate Law

by CherrellT February 8, 2012 General Law

Anyone who is considering a future as a legal practitioner should consider a recent report that appeared on the Birmingham Business Journal: the top law firms in Alabama aren’t necessarily looking for attorneys with Master of Law (LLM) degrees, unless they are looking for just one experienced lawyer to fill in a highly specialized position. […]

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Do I Need An Attorney To Handle My Finances?

by CherrellT January 20, 2012 Law Blog

The handling of personal or business financial affairs should be conducted with the utmost care. Individuals commonly retain attorneys to help them with delicate financial matters that can’t otherwise handle themselves, or that fall beyond the scope of a financial planner, a bookkeeper or an accountant. Why should a person need to retain an attorney […]

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How To Ensure Your Estate Sale Is a Success

by CherrellT January 19, 2012 Law Blog

Estate sales are often a big sigh of relief for legal clients who have been through the arduous process of probate. An estate sale is seen as the last step in ensuring that the goods and property of the deceased are liquidated, something that must be approved by a judge or magistrate. In probate law, […]

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Dealing with Hard Money Lenders? 5 Ways to Protect Your Assets

by CherrellT January 11, 2012 General Law

Hard money lending has always been thought of as an unorthodox practice that pushes the boundaries of state lending regulations and usury laws. Hard money lenders operate in a lucrative private mortgage market that does not adhere to conventional credit and lending standards advocated by federal agencies such as the Department of Housing and Urban […]

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5 Tips on Navigating Maritime Law

by CherrellT January 8, 2012 General Law

The practice of maritime or admiralty law in the United Kingdom dates back to the days of King Richard I the Lionheart. The King’s mother, Queen consort Eleanor of Aquitaine is credited with formally bringing maritime conventions to England which she learned during the Second Crusade. Instead of following the path of common law, admiralty […]

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When to Seek Advice on Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

by CherrellT January 6, 2012 General Law

In most jurisdictions, workers’ compensation is a right that protects employees from incurring into severe economic loss as result of an injury or ailment suffered as a result of a workplace accident or physical work conditions. Statutes set out the general provisions and clauses that the state agencies, employers and workers must follow in order […]

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